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Divine Grace Ebook Cover


Release Date-12th May 2018
Publisher-Hot Tree Publishing
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-283 Pages

Fallen angels and reawakened desire, promises and grudges—a stunning novel in Virginia Cantrell’s Divine series continues, featuring Inaya and Trevin as they race to save the world of the Nephilim from a deadly enemy.

Adopted into the royal family, Inaya has never felt like she belonged, but when the kingdom is overthrown, the Nephilim look to her for guidance. In order to save all she holds dear, she must join forces with the soldier who broke her heart and destroyed her belief in love. 

Driven by duty and haunted by the past, Trevin doesn’t make mistakes… until Inaya. His misguided honour cost him the courageous, impulsive beauty he swore to protect. With Inaya needing him now more than ever, he has the chance to prove his worth. But it may be too late to earn back her trust. 

An unearthly enemy, the fallen angel Lahash, has vowed to destroy the Nephilim to right the sins of his past. With his plan set in motion and his fate tied to Inaya’s, the world of the Nephilim will never be the same.


Divine GraceDivine Grace by Virginia Cantrell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Release Date-12/5/18

Unfortunately, I didn’t like “Divine Grace” as much as the first book in this series.
Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t awful and I still found this an enjoyable endeavour.
I just think my main issue here was that this ran parallel with the previous book; so until the halfway mark I felt a bit; been there, done that and If I’m honest found it a bit boring rehashing the same old storyline we had already experienced previously.
So, after the halfway mark things did pick up and I enjoyed this much more.
And in “Divine Grace”, we get to catch up with all the same characters we were introduced to previously.
The only main difference this time around is that we get some major insight into the former lightbearer Lahash and his reasons and ultimate agenda for the Nephilim.
I liked both Trevin and Inaya but did find Trevin’s portrayal to be of a slightly one-dimensional nature.
And I really felt that I didn’t get to know him quite as much as I would have liked; he seemed to me to be a bit of a closed book overall.
Because of this, I found his character difficult to feel a strong connection with, which was a shame as I would have definitely liked to get to learn what makes him ultimately tick as I did initially find him rather intriguing.
Inaya was much more transparent and I did find myself warming to her more easily, but I still wasn’t ultimately convinced of the chemistry between these two.
It was just so sudden in nature and I think more of a slow build would have been more appropriate here.
despite my above bug-bears, this was still overall an interesting read and a unique take on the Nephilim so it gets points for that fact alone.
So on careful consideration, I decided to give this three Stars as I did enjoy and finish this but at times it struggled to keep my attention.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Divine Grace #2” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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