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Release Date-8th May 2018
Genre-Mafia Contemporary romance
Publisher- Crave Publishing
Kindle Edition-212 Pages

Rules. I’m starting to think I have the natural talent to break them. I hate rules. Always have. Especially since I had them shoved in my face my entire life.

I didn’t ask to be a part of all this. I didn’t ask to be a Valenti. And I sure as hell didn’t ask to be bound by all their goddamn rules. Their rules are exactly that—theirs. Not mine.

It’s been years since I broke one of my family’s most cardinal laws. It was a mistake, I know that now. But that’s the thing about mistakes, you never know you’re about to make one until it’s too late.

Unfortunately every transgression, every wrong decision has a way to demand atonement. No matter if it’s hours, days or years after. You might think your indiscretions are long forgotten and buried, but it’s not. You’ll never be free of it, not until you’ve paid in full.

I’m still waiting for my past mistakes to exact payment. It’ll come. I know it will.

But now, while I’m sitting in the interrogation room staring at the sinfully gorgeous Detective Lorik Stone, I can’t help but think about all my family rules…

…and that I’m about to break another one.


Mafia Princess

Mafia Princess by Bella J.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-8/5/18

Mafia princess was just so good.
Right from the onset this picked me up and enveloped me in its warm sexy embrace.
It had such fabulous vibrant characters that you just couldn’t help falling in love with.
I especially adored the rudeness and attitude of Detective Lorik Stone.
he had such a uniquely confident attitude that managed to reel me in right from the start.
I loved his cheeky cocky boy personality and what should have been a big fat turn off was actually one of Detective Lorik’s biggest actual draw’s for me.
Maybe because he actually seemed so tongue in cheek.
lorik, I thought, came across as more saucy and humorous than arrogant and full of himself.
Don’t mistake me, he was still full of himself, but he also had such a cheeky persona to go along with that sauce that you just couldn’t help falling, along with Karina, for that sassy bad boy glint in his eye.
Karina, lucky girl, didn’t really have a cat’s chance in hell of escaping once the good detective had her in his crosshairs.
And Karina herself, well she was so her own person.
She had such a huge personality and really wasn’t afraid of embracing what she wanted.
In spite of some shady shit in her own past.
Karina still tries to put herself out there, giving it her all.
Still ultimately wanting her own personal fairy tale.
She loves her family so much but still struggles with what they represent and the rules she is forced to abide by because of her family name.
Wanting to live her own life, she has tried to distance herself from both her parents and older brothers.
While in turn they, have scrambled about trying to pull her back into the family fold.
Her Detective is everything forbidden to her but despite his job title and hard-on for the Valenti family he is still everything Karina wants and needs and it seems her feelings are fully replicated in return by Lorik himself.
So forget everything you were expecting from a mafia romance as this really isn’t this books bag at all.
I would describe this more as a sexy as hell contemporary romance
Where are twosome just happen to have a bad case of spontaneous human combustion.
Also managing along the way to set these pages alight with there hot sensuous antics.
And the chemistry these two lovers bring to the actual table is off the flipping hook.
This is a dual POV story which is my favourite.
And though lacking overall in major secondary characters there was still enough here to ultimately keep this story popping and add some extra tang to the current proceedings.
I think one of my favourite aspects of this book was the easy fun relationship between Lorik and Karina even when they seemed to be on the skids these two were far from drama llamas which is a great big plus sign in my book.
So “Mafia Princess” was such a fun-filled read that I am happy to recommend.
But if your looking for a dark mafia romance this is probably not the one for you.
There was such an overall light sweetness to this.
And despite the word mafia in its title, this was not in any way dark for me.
a bit suspenseful in places but definitely a light read.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Mafia Princess” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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