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Title: Unbreakable Bond

Series: Fated Mates Duet #1

Author: Jess Bryant
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Sometimes fate gets it all wrong.
Zoey Kent has lived with that fact ever since she turned eighteen and
learned that the man she loved could never be hers. He’s a born shifter, a
wolf, and she’s a mere human. Fate doesn’t care if on paper they’re a perfect
pair. She isn’t his fated mate and she’s resigned herself to the knowledge that
someday, she’ll have to watch Michael mate with another. It’s never crossed her
mind that there might be someone else out there for her, that she would be the
one to mate another, to choose another over everything she’s ever known or
Sometimes fate gets it all right.
Rafe Hudson left his pack behind years ago. Physically and mentally
scarred from an attack that left his parents and twin dead, he walked away from
his responsibilities as Alpha. He never intended to return but lone wolf or
not, he can’t leave Michael open to an attack he’s learned is coming for his
only brother. What he didn’t know was that going home would mean scenting his
mate, the one person in the world that could make him whole again, that could
give him everything he thought he’d lost. His pack, his home and his family.
But fate always has a plan.
There’s no way Michael’s brother is her future, is there? Just like
there’s no way that the girl his brother has loved since they were kids, was
always meant to be his, right?
Only fate knows why they were brought together but there is one thing for
sure, the sparks between Zoey and Rafe are undeniable. The bond between them is
unbreakable. And together… they’ll change the face of the pack forever.


Unbreakable Bond by Jess Bryant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date-15/5/18

It’s been ages since I’ve indulged in a good shifter paranormal romance.
And Jess Bryant with”Unbreakable Bond” the first book in her brand new fated Mates series certainly didn’t disappoint.
Despite being very insta-love this definitely left a fabulous impression on me.
And because of the fated mate’s angle used here, I still found the insta-love to be of a very believable nature.
And got to say it; my god Rafe was a big chunk of a man-hunk.
The total package; damaged, misunderstood with a sexy possessive growl that made my own toes curl; never mind Zoey’s.
I absolutely adored how possessive and feral he was towards Zoey.
And Zoey, she was such a sweetheart; she had such a loyal, sassy vibe about herself.
I really liked her complete and utter acceptance of her fate, her willingness to give Rafe her all and take a chance on there HEA.
Zoey came across as the real deal here.
“Unbreakable Bonds” itself was told in dual POV and was also extremely low on secondary characters.
There were brief instances where we were introduced to other cast members like Zoey’s mum.
But other than Zoey’s best friend and pack alpha Michael; who is also Rafe’s estranged brother.
This is mainly just Zoey and Rafe connected and working through there Demons.
Much to my surprise, I found I loved this simplistic way of experiencing our newly mated wolves story and it was really nice to just kick back and just concentrate on Rafe and Zoey themselves.
It made me feel so much more connected to there story.
There is still plenty here to keep the reader here entertained.
A bit of a mixed bag of action; rounded off with some seriously sexy shenanigans.
Man, this book was red hot.
And the way this was left I definitely will be continuing forward with this journey.
This was such a great start to a fabulous new paranormal shifter series.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Unbreakable Bond (Book 1 in the fated mates duet)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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Author Bio
Jess Bryant
is an avid indoorswoman. A city girl trapped in a country girl’s life, her
heart resides in Dallas but her soul and roots are in small town Oklahoma. She
enjoys manicures, the color pink, and her completely impractical for country
life stilettos. She believes that hair color is a legitimate form of therapy,
as is reading and writing romance. She started writing as a little girl but her
life changed forever when she stole a book from her aunt’s Harlequin collection
and she’s been creating love stories with happily ever afters ever since.
Jess holds
a degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is a lifetime
supporter of her school and athletic teams. And why not? They have a ton of
National Championships! She may be a girlie girl but she knows her sports stats
and isn’t afraid to tell you that your school isn’t as cool as hers… or that
your sports romance got it all wrong.
For more
information on Jess and upcoming releases, contact her at or follow her on her many social media accounts for
news and shenanigans.
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