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Title: Defending Her Dignity
Series: Renegade Love Bodyguard Series
Author: Jade Webb
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Men have never taken me seriously. At 5’5” on a good day, they can’t help but look straight through me, or worse: right at my rack. So I prove them wrong. Usually with a swift kick to their golden jewels that sends them straight to the floor. That’s what they get for messing with a captain from the Israeli Defense Forces.

When my cousin offers me a gig for a bodyguard position with one of the richest families in the country, I jump at the opportunity. But when I meet the client, Lawrence Monroe… it doesn’t go so well.

So I tell him to go screw himself and as I stumble out of the room, I find Isabel, his adorable daughter getting her butt kicked in Wii boxing. I offer to teach her a few tricks and then suddenly Lawrence has a change of heart. That same day I move into his McMansion, into a bedroom the size of my entire apartment. Except there’s one problem: while I think I’m being hired as a bodyguard, he thinks he’s hiring a nanny. Yeah, annoying. But for the sake of his blue-eyed baby girl (and a sizable paycheck), I play along.

And while at first, I just pegged Lawrence as an over-protective father, I am beginning to get the feeling that Isabel and I are being watched. All my instincts tell me to follow my gut, but how can I trust myself when every time I am within a 10 foot radius of Lawrence, my body betrays me and I feel inexplicably attracted to this devoted single dad. There is something between us, lingering just beneath the surface. But he is American royalty and I am only here until this threat is neutralized.

After all, I can’t let myself fall for him. I need to focus on protecting his daughter and deciding what kind of life I want for myself. No, falling for a man like Lawrence Monroe would cost me too much. I have to defend my dignity.

 Defending Her Dignity by Jade Webb
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 STARS
Release Date-15/5/18

So Jade Webb is a new author for me and got to say “Defending Her Dignity” was a great read.
This is book three in the “Renegade Love Bodyguard” series but in my opinion, can easily be read as a standalone.
I did and had no issue following along coherently with the storyline.
So first things, Totally loving the name Yael.
This is actually my sister’s name too though she does spell hers with a hyphen between the A and E (Ya-el) and its the first time I’ve ever come across it used in a romance book before, so I was major stoked about that.
So where was I? Yes, names.
So loving Yael; but not so much the name “Lawrence”, its just one of those names that there isn’t even a good nickname for and doesn’t come across to me as that manly either but just my personal opinion there.
Sorry, all you Lawrence’s out there I really am.
But, despite my aversion to the name Lawrance, I did really like him; he was such a sweetie and how could I not warm and relate totally to someone who gives so much of himself at such a tender age to his young daughter.
A truly adorable personality trait especially considering further disclosures that come to light at a later date.
My only grumble here in regards to his character was I would have maybe liked him to step up a bit more to the mark.
I did feel Lawrence could have taken a more active role in regards to Yael.
He seemed to step back and let her deal far too much in my opinion, like with His half-brother/Ex BFF Peter’s venomous personality.
Totally should have knocked him on his arse there, he really deserved it.
I get that she was a trained bodyguard but I still would have just liked Lawrence to be a trifle more alpha and protective over Yael.
Yael I also found easy to like, but I didn’t understand why she kept pushing Lawrence away so much.
I know her background had made her leary of commitments and love but it still seemed a bit overkill.
She was a tough nut to crack and I was rooting all the way for Lawrance to break through that outer shell.
So, in my opinion, Isobel really stole the show here; I adored her completely.
With her ten-year-old sassiness and zest for life; there wasn’t really anything to dislike about her.
What I did struggle to understand was how she had managed to drive so many nannies away previously; she really didn’t appear to me to be all that much of a handful.
And this coming from a mother of Five, let me tell you I’ve seen so much worse.
I also really liked the interaction between Lawrence and his family; I think it portrayed him in such a positive light overall and I found it really showcased Lawrence’s openness and acceptance towards an extended family further down the line.
There were just some teensy things that pulled this down slightly for me; the first being that I was never really sure what Peter had against Isobel it seemed rather extreme and unexplained after all she is only a ten-year-old little girl.
Also how things had changed so drastically (despite the obvious) between Lawrence and Peter this is never expanded on and I would have definitely liked some further insight here.
The final reason was there was a scene quite far on in this between Both Lawrence and Yael; that considering Lawrence’s present circumstances of being a single dad I really didn’t feel would have been all that probable, again an opinion.
despite my above little moans this still was a really fun solid read that I really did enjoy.
It had a bit of everything here and definitely had no problem keeping my attention throughout.
“Defending Her Dignity” was a lovely romantic feel-good story that I am happy to recommend.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Defending Her Dignity (Renegade Love Bodyguard Novel Book 3)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I can hear the sincerity in his voice as easily as I can see it in his eyes. I turn away from him and look out the window, before he can see the truth in my eyes, of how much I want him, and how much that scares me. 

When I turn my head to look back at him, suddenly, the back of this car feels even smaller. Is he closer? Or am I imagining it? Has all the air escaped, or is it just that being this close to Lawrence addles all my senses?


I don’t know what it would take for me to give myself to Lawrence, to give in to this temptation. But I know he would take a piece of my heart with him. It would be inevitable. The question now was, did I want to risk the heartache to have this one night with him? To be able to experience what it would feel like to have him inside of me, and have his chest pressed against mine, and our heart beats furiously beating in our chests as we explored, dominated and made love to each other. Would I be able to give my body to him, without giving him my heart?
Any other man and I would have been able to easily that question. With Lawrence, I’m not sure I can separate the two. And still, it’s a risk I want to take. At least for tonight. So when I drag my eyes up to his, to find them looking down at me, I suck in my lower lip and close my eyes.


Just for tonight. Give in to him tonight. If it’s not meant to be, there will be a sign from the universe. 
When I open my eyes, I move my hand to cup his cheek. As my palm connects with his face, he inhales a sharp breath, as if my touch is enough to unsettle him the same way he has completely tilted my world off its axis. But tonight, I don’t want to overthink — don’t want to agonize whether he feels the same I want to do. In fact, tonight I don’t want to think at all, I just want to feel: Feel his lips on mine, his hands on my body.

“If we do this, it can only be tonight,” I tell him, still biting down on my lip hard enough now to draw blood.
I am a lover of romance novels that feature strong heroines who know that the loves that may come into their lives are always the icing, and never the cake.

I have loved romance novels since I was a teen, sneaking them into my Bible studies at my all-girls Catholic school. I love strong heroines who know that the men that may come into their lives are always the icing, and never the cake.

Thanks to my own marriage, I have learned that the challenges of life can only help to make love stronger and I am grateful to my partner for embodying all the magic that love can offer.

When I am not writing or dreaming up new love stories, I am working in a retirement community outside of Boston that provides me with enough writing material for ten lifetimes.




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