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Release Date-26th July 2016
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-

The Foster House

The house is important, and so are you, hexe. The ancient ones foretold this. Yet, we’re still not sure. But we won’t kill you. We have killed before, those that didn’t have the blood. Your ancestors want to protect you; they need to. Blood is the key. He wants your blood.

Peace and harmony must be restored.

A house’s thirst for blood and a family secret are revealed when Alexis, a young empathic law student, inherits her family’s long forgotten estate, The Foster House.

An empathic law student is the key.

When Alexis moves in to The Foster House, she is surrounded by ghosts and a mysterious history. A history that is her legacy. But it’s not just the house she needs to worry about. An evil entity has enlisted the help of an ex-special ops Captain, Brenton Young, to manipulate Alexis’s life for his own dark purposes.

A family legacy will be revealed.

As the FBI, NSA, and local police close in on Brenton Young, Alexis enlists the help of her boss and secret crush, District Attorney, Josh Hampton. Together, can they solve the mysteries of the house and discover what her true legacy really is or will the answers they find lead to more questions & mysteries

Her Legacy (The Foster House Legacy # 1)

Her Legacy by Teresa Crumpton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Release Date-26/7/16

So this was a difficult one for me, on the one hand, I did finish Her Legacy.
But on the other, I found it a struggle to actually get there.
Even skimming in places.
It was only my sheer pig-headed determination that got me to that ultimate end post.
I was so determined to finish this wanting to discover where this was ultimately heading.
Unfortunately for me, I discovered upon arriving at my destination that this book had an actual sequel.
And I’m sorry to say that this is one ride that I won’t be continuing on to the next stop with.
Don’t get me wrong the premise behind this book was actually very interesting and up until the halfway point here I was still somewhat invested in the whole nine yards.
But Somewhere in the middle of this things went slightly to pot for me and this wasn’t working its mojo on me anymore.
So there were a few things here that I found issue with that then managed to derail things somewhat for me.
First Alexis herself, I found her character to be a bit of an odd-duck.
She was described in the context of taking no shit and of being of a feisty nature.
Well, I got the impression that the actual opposite was true, she was constantly hyperventilating and fainting and came across as being of a delicate constitution, very eighteenth-century lady/
Damsel in distress.


Tucker and Daniel seemed to be her constant wingmen.
Which was a bloody strange happening in itself considering one was her ex and the other her brand new squeeze.
I also wasn’t really that invested in Daniel and Alexia’s relationship I just wasn’t feeling the love if I’m honest, sorry.
I also became quite confused in places as well and found myself having to re-read certain passages to orient myself within the story-line.
There was sometimes too much attention to detail and I would become distracted by the narrative which in itself was of a rather flowery nature.
For example, there were whole chapters dedicated to furniture placement it was such overkill and was also so tedious.
There really was no need for so much extra padding here.
It was not necessary and just lengthened what was already an extremely long read.
All without adding anything substantial to the overall plot.
Also, at times there was such character overload that I had difficulty keeping individuals straight in my head.
And for some weird obscure reason, everyone seemed to have a thing for Alexia like she was some kind of Love goddess.
So this was a bit of a mixed bag of tricks for me.
I really wish I could give this a higher rating overall.
“Her Legacy” wasn’t in itself awful, just a bit of a slog for me with a writing style that just wasn’t really my bag at all.
This still did have a fantastic supernatural gothicy feel to it and the overall ideas used here were still imaginative and made for an intriguing blurb.
Just a shame that ultimately this just wasn’t really my thing.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with a copy of “Her Legacy (The Foster House Legacy #1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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