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Release Date-29th April 2018
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition

He’s neat, always on time, and a professed workaholic. I’m chaotic, always running late, and looking for more from life than just my job. Yet our mutual attraction is undeniable.

The last thing I expected after our first date was to have Simon show up at my office. The warm and funny guy I’d met was now gone, replaced by the cold and calculating man in an impeccable suit. While my professional future is in his hands, I can’t stop thinking about how his hands felt on my body.

Whatever had started between us can’t possibly happen now, but that’s easier said than done. Because the more I try not to think of his sexy smirk or delicious accent, the harder it is to stay away. And if our forbidden office kiss is any indication, his resolve is slipping too.

I’ve sworn I’d never fall for a man who puts his job first.
Too bad my heart isn’t listening.

*** Without Apology is a standalone romance for mature audiences due to steamy bedroom scenes that are in no way contained to just the bedroom.***



Without Apology by Aubrey Bondurant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Release Date-29/4/18

I have never read anything by this author before and got to say I really enjoyed “Without Apology”.
This was a such a feel-good novel, like an old trusted friend or a comfy pair of slippers.


And if you’re confused about the above analogy I mean this as a total major compliment.
From the moment I picked this up, I was entertained.
It was Filled throughout with such humour and passion.
Its actually been a while since I could just kick back and read something without overthinking things and that was the main draw here for me.
The ease here with which I was able to get lost in the narrative.
And as an added bonus Simon and Peyton were just two extremely likeable and human characters.
I had no issue at all warming and relating to there various quirks, which in my opinion only added to there overall appeal.
“Without Apology” for me also had a great supporting cast, my favourite just happening to be Payton’s dog who was adorable.
I loved the special relationship Peyton shared with her pet, that then was extended towards Simon as an added plus-point to his time spent with the lovely Peyton.
The back and forth dialogue between man and dog was so adorable and appealing in nature.
Gotta love a pet man.


There wasn’t really a whole lot of this novel I disliked.
It ticked a lot of my boxes and more.
it wasn’t angsty, wasn’t filled with OW/OM drama and was told in alternating POV which is my favourite.
Then you have Peyton who is completely comfortable in her own skin and the SEXY-BREXY SIMON, whats not to love about all this ay.
If you’re looking for a light sexy read to make you smile give this one a go it was an absolute charmer.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Without Apology (Without #1) ” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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