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Release Date-28th April 2018
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Publisher-Hot Tree Publishing
Kindle Edition


The modern remake of a classic tale that twists the fictional into possibility.

When two lost souls are brought together in an unlikely circumstance, it’ll take more to scare this feisty beauty away from a domineering beast. A story of love, loss, and learning to accept when life gives you a second chance.

Elena Salazar has taken care of her gambling-addicted brother since her parents’ death. When he calls her late one night asking for help, she’s thrown into Tristan Mercier’s life and is at his mercy. Unable to pay her brother’s debt, a contract is signed: she will live and work for Tristan for six months while her brother is sent to rehab.

Tristan Mercier is scarred, both physically and emotionally. He lost his happily ever after five years earlier in a fire that nearly took his life. He’s broken and bitter, but with Elena’s arrival, things are changing, and the feelings he thought long buried begin to resurface.

Can this brute open his heart to give his belleza a chance?



Belleza and the Brute by Jane Matisse
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Release Date-28/4/18

So I should mention I did struggle with this book a wee bit.
There were certain aspects of this story that were just not my cup of tea and if I had been aware of them before starting I would probably given “Belleza And The Brute” a miss.
So first things first, the title here, I wasn’t really a fan and it was only that this was described as a modern beauty and the Beast tale that made me overlook this.
I do so have a soft spot for anything Beauty and the Beast.
It’s one of my all-time favourite fairy-tale’s so I was definitely intrigued as soon as this was mentioned in the blurb.
Unfortunately, this book for me had quite a few of my most hated romance tropes.
The first being The dead wife or girlfriend, I really don’t like it especially when I feel the H or h is getting a raw deal and made to feel like second best.
In this, I felt like Elana drew the short straw which was a shame as she was really quite the sweetie.
A girl wants to feel like the most important person in their lover’s life, not a replacement for what they cant have and I really felt that Tristan felt this way overall, sigh.
Don’t mistake me Tristan’s past was tragic, I just think he should have ultimately committed himself more to the partner that was alive and breathing and just remembered his dead wife fondly and with love rather than totally obsessing over her.
Then there was Elana’s virginity, I’m so sick of the untouched virgin storyline.
Maybe if we were dealing with an eighteen-year-old then yeh Ok, but not at Elana’s age, it’s a highly improbable scenario.
Then on top of that, there were actions in this book on the H’s part that I was just like
Why Just Why?


So there deep breathe, that’s my negatives out of the way onwards and upwards.
So despite the above, I did finish this and it passed for me a pleasant couple of hours.
This was a lot lighter in nature than what I was expecting and was also well written and despite some reservations, I did want to keep reading to discover the end-game.
It’s just a real shame that ultimately we didn’t gel more.
That I think was really more about my own personal preferences than anything else.
That’s why after consideration I rated this three stars as this wasn’t actually badly written just a bit of bad fit for me in places.
I still found “Belleza and The Brute” an enjoyable read, it just didn’t ultimately blow me away.
Oh, and on a sidenote that pet name Tristan used for Elana “Ma Puce” not only does the French sound plain awful and unromantic the meaning “My Flea” is so weirdly random I had to look it up to see if it was a commonly used term and Yep it actually is!!!
like calling someone sweetie apparently how weird and wonderfully strange is that ay?
You learn something new every day, all though I would still give my partner the stare of death if he decided to refer to me as a flea.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Belleza And The Brute” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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