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Release Date-24th April 2018
Genre-romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition

A new romantic suspense series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author K.M. Scott and Anina Collins!

Persephone Gilmore comes from a life of privilege. The oldest daughter of media mogul Marshall Gilmore, she grew up wanting for nothing. But her father taught her more than just how to make billions, and even though she could sit by the pool and eat bon bons every day for the rest of her life, she chooses to work as an ER nurse and live on her own away from the family estate and her father’s security.

Then one night, those choices come back to haunt her.

Nick Hanson hasn’t been truly happy since he left the FBI. Life as a hired gun for wealthy clients has paid well and made him very much in demand, but it isn’t the same as the life he used to have. When Marshall Gilmore wants to hire him to rescue his daughter after she’s taken hostage by a terrorist group, he agrees, but to save her, he’ll have to go undercover and become one of them. It’s dangerous work, but he knows what to expect and he’s never been one to turn down a challenge.

What starts out as just another case turns into something much more, and Nick finds out just how much he’s willing to do to save Persephone.



In The Darkness by K.M. Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-24/4/18

So this was my first experience with this author and I am pleased to say I really enjoyed this first book in the “Project Artemis” series.
I found “Into The Darkness” to be really fast paced and you were immersed into the action right from the get-go.
The two main characters here were great, liked them both very much.
Persephone was a strong woman, totally unspoiled by her silver spoon upbringing.
I’m not quite sure how correct that would be in real-life but for the basis of this story, it was something I ultimately adored most about her.
The male lead Nick was also a really relatable individual and I liked him equally as much.
It was really great to see the relationship develop slowly between Persephone and Nick as they each realise they only have each other to rely on in this dangerous situation.
“In the Darkness” set itself up for future books in this series really nicely.
I am so looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
My only slight issues here (which is the main reason I removed a star) was I felt to much time was spent setting the scene for future stories.
I would have prefered the spotlight ultimately to remain more on our two lovers and less on future events.
I do understand why this was needed though.
My second slight peeve was I wasn’t a great fan of a certain scene between Persophone and Nick.
I didn’t think it added anything special to the storyline and was just there ultimately for overall shock value.
And lastly, I’m not sure why everyone was bandying Stockholm syndrome around?
Correct me if I am wrong but Stockholm is all about falling for your captor, well technically Nick was Persphones White Knight/rescuer, not her Jailor so Stockholm should never be in the equation DUH!!!


Unless I’m ultimately missing something there.
So that’s it, folks.
Its been a while since I have read a good romantic suspense and this one ticked all my boxes.
This was a great read that I recommend giving it a go.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “In The Darkness (Project Artemis #1)” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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