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Psychopath’s Prey by V.F. Mason is available NOW!

“This was an exhilarating novel that will suck you up and leave you gasping for breath and hoping for more. Bravo! 5 stars!” – Bookgasms Book Blog


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Once upon a time she became mine.
Mine to hunt.

A criminal psychologist and a serial killer.
The love between them shouldn’t exist.
Or so the world thinks.
Her mission is to find him.
His single obsession is to catch her.
The hunter and the prey.
Let the games begin, and may the stronger one win.

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Psychopath’s Prey by V.F. Mason
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Release Date-17/4/18

So “Psychopath’s Prey was my first book by this author and I am actually blown away by how much I enjoyed this.
I really can’t wait to have a good old nose into what else this author has to offer.
So I’m going to start by saying that this is one ARC I was gagging to dig into and quite often when this happens my expectations are shattered when the book doesn’t quite live up to the hype I’ve built up in my head.
Not so here, I would even go as far as to say “Psychopath’s Prey has exceeded my initial excitement.
Now that doesn’t happen very often.
So where to start and how much to reveal, that’s a toughy as I want to rave from the rooftops but will try to keep myself in check as have no wish to spoil this fantastic plot for others.
Well here goes.
This is told from multiple POV’s which I loved as I felt this gave a well-rounded multi-faceted outlook on all involved here.
I also loved the way the chapters were laid out keeping you in the dark to Psychopath’s true identity until that final reveal.
I swung back and forward throughout, changing my mind numerous times as to who it was and even when it was finally revealed I still wasn’t really sure in myself who to actually suspect.
Now I am a massive Criminal Minds fan and have watched all thirteen seasons of the show, you could have tickled me pink that this was partially set in the BAU I was like a kid at Christmas a definite front-runner in terms of draw for me.
I also found there was a fantastic array of side characters portrayed here, all vivid and well researched with great depth to them all.
In fact, that was a great strength here I don’t think for me there were any weak links at all.
This was not really in my opinion that dark, but I suppose that’s all in your perception.
I have experienced some very dark and depraved fiction, so found this myself to be relatively mild.
That may not be the case for you, that is one you will have to measure for yourself.
I did wonder near the end of this how events were going to play as I couldn’t see how the end game was going to be achieved.
I was pleasantly surprised and was also impressed at how the author wrapped things up so nicely.
So there you have it, I really cant recommend this enough, give it a go.
Psychopath’s Prey is a little gem that I enjoyed immensely hope you do too.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of “Psychopath’s Prey” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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About the Author:
V.F.Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn’t happen. Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her friends and family for supporting her in it. When she is not writing, she can be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent romance books that were written by her favorite authors.
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