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Release Date-3/4/18
Publisher-Mills & Boon
Kindle Edition

To celebrate the royal wedding, we’ve specially selected three glamorous, passionate stories!

Designer Lisa Bailey knows she doesn’t belong in Prince Luciano’s world. Yet when one stolen encounter leaves her unexpectedly pregnant, Luc is determined to claim his queen!

Prince Draco Valenti wears his icy exterior like a suit of armour…. until he meets lawyer Anna Orsini. While they’re at odds in business, in the bedroom Draco’s desire for Anna melts his defences.

Matchmaker Jessica Carter arranges marriages that work. And that’s exactly why Prince Stavros Drakos has hired her. Yet no other woman ignites as intense a passion in him as Jessica does…

It’s time for these rebel princes to meet their match!


A Bride For The Playboy Prince: Crowned for the Prince's Heir / The Ice Prince / At His Majesty's Request (Mills & Boon M&B)

A Bride For The Playboy Prince: Crowned for the Prince’s Heir / The Ice Prince / At His Majesty’s Request by Sharon Kendrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 STARS
Release Date-3/4/18

So this was an Anthology containing three stories all featuring royal matches.
I gave the first two books thee stars and the last which I enjoyed the most four stars.
That’s how I decided on an overall rating of three and a half stars.

Crowned for the Prince’s Heir by Sharon Kendrick was an enjoyable read.
It was your classic second chance romance and passed an enjoyable couple of hours for me.
Dress designer Lisa Bailey protecting her broken heart ends her liaison with Prince Luciano Leonidas of Mordovia.
A couple years later Luc hankering after the one that got away and on the brink of a politically advantageous marriage with a neighbouring princess has a brief run-in with Lisa which ends less than pleasantly between them.
Fast forward a few months and Luc spots Lisa in the local rags and she’s six months pregnant with what is obviously his child.
This is where our story really begins in earnest and I really can’t say too much else without revealing all.
What I will say is that though I enjoyed this I wasn’t overly fond of the male lead Luc.
I found him a rather selfish arrogant individual at times with a bit of a god complex.
Despite this, I did try to warm up to him as I felt he was probably a product of his cold upbringing.
Raised by a revolving door of palace governess’s and nannies is it any wonder he lacked in the emotional department.
I don’t feel that he had felt real love until his daughter was born, which is really rather sad.
Lisa was also a product of her early years and had developed a suit of armour to compensate.
It’s a wonder these two emotionally stunted individuals managed to eventually pull it together.
I also wanted Lisa to grow a backbone as I felt she gave up her dream of designing much too quickly.
And I didn’t feel the bone that was thrown at the end of this made up for this fact.
In conclusion, this was an enjoyable easy read but didn’t ultimately hold many overall surprises.

This is the first book in the “The Orsini Brides” and Anna Orsini is sent off to Italy by her father Cesare to play lawyer over a small strip of land he claims belongs to her mother but in truth is owned by Prince Draco.
In actual fact, it’s his crafty way of playing matchmaker for his daughter and Prince Draco Valenti.
The manipulative old sod.
So this was a sassy hot read from the get-go and though I did find Anna herself to be a bit annoying with her feminist rantings.
I absolutely adored Draco, he was so scrummy sweet and utterly adorable.
This was a lovely engaging story which I would have rated higher if Anna had maybe been a bit more likeable.
I just have an issue with woman who argue the toss all the time for no other reason than to be difficult.
Having a giant chip on their shoulder over every common courtesy extended, but would be the first to winge at any lack of chivalry they perceived as a slight.
Wanting there cake and eating it as well.
I mean come on man she was even pulling her face when he wanted her to try a certain ice-cream, flavour, it was bloody ice-cream man.
I still enjoyed this but just felt Draco deserved much more.
So this was an ok read for me that could have better with a different female lead, like someone, not ANNA!!!

19181138 (1)
I really enjoyed “At His Majesty’s Request” by Maisie Yates much more than I was expecting to.
This was a sweet and poignant tale that I couldn’t help but like.
Matchmaker Jessica Carter is tasked with finding a suitable wife for Prince Stavros Drakos.
he doesn’t require or want a love match just a certain list of qualities that must be met.
The most important being that she provide him with future heirs.
Watching his father the king crumble and morph into a shell of a man after the death of his wife Stavros sees love as a weakness and only requires duty in his future spouse.
The only problem is that all candidates put forward for his consideration pale in comparison to the lovely quirky and snarky matchmaker.
Stavros cant get her luscious curves and prickly personality out of his head.
Trouble is Jessica is not suitable wife material for him at all.
In return, Jess is fighting like crazy to batten down her hatches and resist her attraction to the sexy prince.
Both damaged by there pasts and against her better judgment the two succumb to there lust and mutual magnetism.
Knowing that this affair is going to be short-lived before they both get on with there lives.
So I loved both main characters here, they were just so relatable and human in their interactions with each other.
I especially adored the backstories they were both dealing with it made them both seem much more approachable overall.
This was not major angsty and apart from the obvious, there was no OW action that felt wrong.
There was, of course, the matches put forward by Jessica but this felt totally separate and we never really get to know them as people, so it didn’t really cause an issue, as it was all so cold, sort of like a job interview.
Stavros himself even uses that terminology when describing his future union.
This was told from both Jessica and Stavros’s POV helping to get a well-rounded insight into reasons for both their emotional states.
I also found this to be so sad and heart-rending there were instances I got an actual lump in my throat from the emotion conveyed here.
This was a great read that kept my attention.

Thank You to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this Royal omnibus of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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