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Release Date-29th January 2016
Genre-Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition-229 Pages

Sometimes you have to stop fighting in order to win.

Trained from birth to become the ruler of the Nephilim and their island sanctuary, Amira is the perfect princess, until her birthright and even her fundamental beliefs are ripped away. She’ll discover perfection and training count for nothing when faced with a ruthless enemy determined to possess her and all she holds dear.

As captain of the Royal Guard, Caeden’s priority is to protect the Royal Family. Sometimes that means protecting the naïve princess from her own desires, even if he is tempted to give in. When a betrayer strikes from within, their sanctuary and very existence are threatened. Caeden must overcome the burning pain of helplessness to defeat this enemy and restore Amira to her rightful place. He will not fail his princess again.

Do they have the fortitude and inner strength needed to regain the kingdom and save their people?


Divine Merit (Divine #1)

Divine Merit by Virginia Cantrell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Release Date-29/1/16

“Divine Merit” was a new unique take on the Nephilim world.
A paranormal offering which I enjoyed much more than I originally thought I would.
This tale revolves around The Princess, Amira and the head of her royal guard and longtime crush Caeden.
It’s full of the charm of a budding first relationship.
Whilst also the intrigues and power play of a royal court in action.
What started out as an easy read for me quickly evolved into a much more tangled web than I was originally expecting.
And once this pepped up it was non stop action throughout and a storyline that certainly kept me on my toes and more.
This book was definitely a pleasant surprise it contained well rounded likeable individuals as well as your classic villains and also had plenty of scope for further storyline development and growth.
I am so looking forward to seeing where this is headed and what lies in store for all as the plot develops.
Do give this a go, its a fantastic addition to its genre and if you like your paranormal these ones for you.
Thank You to the Author for proving me with an ARC of “Divine Merit” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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