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Release Date-3rd April 2018
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Kindle Edition-190 Pages

How do you accidentally start a war with a bloodthirsty demon army? You kill their leader and steal a sacred relic.

Demons prowl the night searching for human blood. Only one thing can save humans from extinction, a lab-bred task force known as the Bator Patrol Guard. Part human, demon, and descendant of the Egyptian deity, Osiris, these elite warriors, although shunned by humans, willingly protect the human race.

Kalani only wanted to rescue her friend from a torturous death when she entered the forbidden realm of a demon army. She didn’t mean to start a war by slaying their leader and stealing the sacred pendant hanging around his neck. But it was just so shiny and why did they have it anyway? The pendant had the same symbol on it as the Bator Patrol Guard used as their emblem. How was this possible, and what did it mean? Can the Patrol Guard unlock the mystery of the pendant before a war destroys them all?

Find out the truth in this epic saga about love, ancient secrets, and betrayal.



The Gods of Greyfall Collection by A.J. Norris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-3/4/18.

The Gods of Greyfall was a delightful series of three novellas by A.J. Norris.
This was the first thing I’ve read by this author and I found myself pleasantly surprised.
I was fully engaged throughout and it was incredibly easy to get sucked into this vivid new backdrop.
The world created here was explained in an extremely coherent fashion and instead of experiencing barked facts I found that this was very cleverly interwoven into the present story.
This was great as sometimes authors can overcomplicate this process trying to cram everything in far to fast.
The Gods of Greyfall, I found, was so easy to follow along with.
So If I had to pick a favourite couple here, it would have to be Cutler and Jade.
I just felt incredibly connected to these two, their story and the fact that it felt like a love reconnected across aeons kinds moment totally touched a chord with me.
I mean I liked all our guys and gals but there two, well let’s just they gave me that aw!! moment.


The whole mythological feel to this was also a winner with me, with its Egyptian, Bator and demon storyline.
And I also got to say here that I loved the fact that these rock hard warriors were so up and close with there pussies.
(and I’m not talking of the of the female sexual variety here, though they do get up and personal with those too if you know what I mean, wink, wink. )
I just loved that these Demon fighters pets were small cute meowing felines.
It just showed there soft and vulnerable side.


So having these three interconnecting stories really worked as it compensated for there length.
Giving us a much more in-depth portrayal than you would usually get in a short novella.
These were short insta-love, low-angst paranormal indulgencies that for me kinda worked.
They were really romantic and for me hit that sweet spot.
So lastly I just want to say I’m totally loving the front cover of this, like seriously it’s so
eye-catching and all and if I was choosing this based on its cover it would get the full 10/10 for me.
So Give these a look if you like a bit of PNR I thought they were a great read.
Thank You to the Author for proving me with an ARC of (The Gods of Greyfall Collection) of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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