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Title: Sexy Beast
Author: Ella J

Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella

Release Date: April 12, 2018


Yeah, I did it.

I signed on to be an “intimate companion.”

Desperate times and desperate measures lead to crazy choices.

Really, though, it’s not that crazy. Someone has to pay my brother’s bills
after the wreck, and I’m the only someone left.

My first job: snuggle up to a sexy beast of a billionaire at one of his luxury
ski resorts.

I can do that.

Except I’m not so sure he wants me to. The Ice King barely looks at me. He
rarely speaks to me, and when he does, he says he doesn’t want me in his bed.

Okay then.

I keep my head held high, my shoulders squared, and my bruised ego under
wraps—until I stumble onto secrets.

James Harrington is hiding devastating secrets.

I get too close. I get involved. I take a risk, and I give him more than he
paid for.

For a moment, it’s too perfect to be true.

But there’s one more secret—and it’s the one I never saw coming.

 Sexy Beast by Ella J.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-12/4/18

“Sexy Beast” Is a short novella by Ella J, and surprisingly for such a short read not only did I find this enjoyable it was also incredibly emotive, unusual to find in such a brief story.
So this tells the story of Darcy and James and right from the beginning, I found this an easy tale to get lost in.
This is told from Darcys POV and despite not getting an in-depth look at James inner psyche I still felt a big connection towards him.
Maybe because of James lack of game playing and artifice.
And once he committed himself to Darcy he really did wear his heart on his sleeve.
These type of stories are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and Sexy Beast definitely ticked all my boxes and more.
Hot sexy brooding hero nursing a bruised heart check, Struggling damsel in distress check, gorgeous unreal location check, off the hook chemistry oh boy, is it getting warm in here.
You get the picture.
I raced through this in record time and though predictable I didn’t care one bit.
Both of our lovers were just so genuine and such likeable individuals you couldn’t help but smile along with them as they both became undone in spectacular fashion.
This wasn’t incredibly angsty and there was no OW drama, and though I’m not usually a fan of the dead wife trope it didn’t bother me at all here, as I never felt that Darcy was made to feel like second best.
So for me though “Sexy Beast” was short and didn’t spring any major surprises it was still a fun interesting read with some incredibly hot action between the bed sheets and every nearby surface our two lovers could find, a big sexy thumbs up from moi.
Thank You to the Author for proving me with an ARC of “Sexy Beast” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Author Bio
Ella J. is what
happened when USA Today bestselling author Ella James challenged her corporate
goddess bestie to a write-off. Ella and Jules wrote one super sexy novella
together in summer 2017, and haven’t been able to stop since. Ella J. novellas
are fast, dirty, and always have a happy ending. 
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