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Release Date-25h January 2018
Genre-Dark Dystopian Romance
Kindle Edition-193 Pages

“I am the monster they created. I’m the whore they’re ashamed of.”

When life tried to break me I grabbed that b*tch by the throat and squeezed.
I thought I could overcome anything. I swore I could handle him, but after being forced to play at the Devil’s playground I ended up craving his touch.
One taste of his poison made my loyalties begin to waiver.

“I’m a living nightmare, I’m everything they fear.”

I’ve been called the Devil, deranged, and a savage. I lived by a code created by rebel souls. We were sinners and thieves that made no apologies for taking whatever the f*ck we wanted. Saving a girl in the woods was never part of my plans, but when I saw the crazy in her eyes I knew it was a match made in hell.

Now secrets are piling up, the bodies are rotting, and time is running out to finish what I started.

Forewarning, our story is more than a little f*cked up.

Authors Note:

I am not going to put a long ‘trigger warning’ on this book. I will say that Savages is a VERY cautionary tale that has no regard for hard limits. Reader discretion IS highly advised. <–18+

Savages by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Release Date-25/1/18

So, Savages (Badlands, #1), This book is all sorts of Craaaazy!!!
and also plenty dark it makes no apologies for itself.
sickness and depravity reign here.
And as all are aware I absolutely love me a dark tale, the blacker the better.
I’m also a major sucker for a messed up dystopian landscape.
This book was made for me melding my love of dark romances against the backdrop of the Badlands.

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A match made in heaven and hell.
A bit like the main characters Calista and Romero.
The devil and his darkly decedent handmaiden.
So Savages is set in a sort of dystopian post-apocalyptic nightmare of cults, Outliers, skinners and cannibals.

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And against this backdrop, The king meets his queen there crazy just matches like the cracked pieces of each other’s souls.
This is bloody, evil and totally sick but is also so bloody addictive I couldn’t put it down.
In a way reminding me slightly of that film doomsday when they wall Scotland in and out of the ashes rises a new civilization, one where morality is a forgotten concept and only the strong survives.
But amid that corruption, there is also a sense of brotherhood and a admiration for strength and resilience.
This also had some great side characters and I really never had a clue where this was heading.
It was an unpredictable whirlwind and I landed wherever it chose to take me.
So this was fabulously well written and was so different with its complete lack of moral compass.
I Cant recommend this highly enough.
Really looking forward to the next in this series as this ended on such a cliffhanger.
But before I go a warning this book contains a lot of triggers and isn’t for the faint of heart.
Please avoid if this bothers you at all as Savages is definitely one hard-core read and doesn’t pull its punches.
I was provided with a review copy of “Savages (Badlands, #1)” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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