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Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition

Who could ever love such a beast?…

Eric Morris is at the top of his game as the CEO of Morris Talent. One of the world’s premier agencies for models to strut their stuff. He really has it all: the job, the money, women, the looks…but when he is scarred for life in a horrible motorcycle accident his world crashes around him. How can someone, who is a king in the world of beauty be so hideously scarred? Eric begins to shut out the world, finding comfort in being locked away in his home and out of the public eye that he loved so much. When Elle Davis comes into his life as an assistant, she shows Eric that there’s more to life than money, motorcycles, and model…but is it too late for Eric?

Scarred by Trista Jaszczak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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So this Is part of the believe series, the third book to be precise and Scarred is loosely based on the beauty and the beast fairy tale.
It’s a modern-day contemporary retelling and out of the three books in this series, this is hands down my favourite.
Here we have Eric a photographer and owner of an illustrious modelling agency.
He’s a vain egotistical A-Hole who lives for money power and has a parade of attractive woman who he uses then loses.
Beauty is his business and life.

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Until an accident leaves him permanently scarred and with the entry of Elle his new personal assistant into his life Eric starts to re-evaluate everything about his shallow existence.
So this was such an interesting tale.
In the beginning, it was so difficult to find any redeeming characteristics in Eric.
Until slowly Eric starts to change morphing into a much-better individual.
I loved Elle she was just the right sort of sassy but with a big streak of Cinderella syndrome.
What I mean is though life at times had given her lemons she just made lemonade.
And her heart was still wide open waiting for her Prince Charming.
Or in this case her Beastly Beast.
This was a lovely romantic heartfelt tale that made a pleasant change, it wasn’t particularly angsty and that actually made this very refreshing.
This was well written and flowed easily.
Scarred also had some great secondary players that just nicely rounded off this engaging tale.
This was one of those stories that when you finish you can’t help having a grin from ear to ear.
A perfect fairytale HEA that we all dream of as little girls.
My One little criticism here is I would have liked a front cover that better represented the hero as I feel the one provided just didn’t do that.
I was provided with an ARC of “Scarred (Believe #3)” By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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