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/ ARC-Book Review / Make Me Want (Make Me #1) / Katee Robert /



Release Date-22nd February 2018
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-224 Pages
Publisher-Mills & Boons

“I want everything.”

She’s taking control. And it’s driving him wild!

Lucy Baudin’s ex did a number on her self-esteem, but it’s time for her to regain control. In her job as a lawyer she’s bold, confident. But in the bedroom she needs inspiration to reawaken her inner seductress. Asking her friend Gideon Novak for help seems wrong…yet so deliciously right! 

“Dare is Harlequin’s hottest line yet. Every book should come with a free fan. I dare you to try them!” —Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author



Make Me Want by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Release Date-22/2/18

Make Me Want (Make Me, #1) by Katee Robert was such an enjoyable read.
It tells the story of Lucy Baudin and Gideon Novak (love the name, Gideon BTW).
When Lucy needs a husband to progress in her job at her law firm she calls in a favour from former friend Gideon.
Gideon once the best friend of Lucy’s former fiancee and also the individual that had broken the news of Lucy’s fiancee’s infidelities is wallowing in guilt.
Not only did it take him a month to come clean to Lucy about her cheating fiancee and break her heart in the progress he has also been madly in love with Lucy for years.
So when she calls in a favour how can he say no.
Gideon is a very successful headhunter by profession but he can honestly say that this is the first time he has been asked to procure a husband for a client, not that this would stop him from completing this unusual task, he would do anything in his power to make Lucy happy.
On top of this said ex-fiancee has done a massive number on Lucy making her doubt her whole appeal and worth as a woman in all the ways that actually matter and as a result of this Lucy asks Gideon to be her coach in all things sensual.
Gideon agrees on one condition he gets Lucy exclusively for the duration of these lessons.
But It’s not long before all the rules are being thrown out the window as the two former friends begin to connect in ways that Gideon has been dreaming of for years.
So “Make Me Want” was a fantastic read, it has such flow and ease about it that I had no trouble getting lost here.
I loved both the main characters and was rooting For Lucy to see Gideon as the only contender for her love and affections.
And Gideon himself I just wanted him to spill the beans and reveal all in regard to his heart’s desire.
They were both such easy characters to like and feel a connection with.
Which I’m happy to say I did, feeling so invested in the outcome of there overall relationship practically from the beginning here.
It also helped massively that Gideon’s and Lucy’s chemistry was extremely explosive setting the pages alight with its intensity.
It was also so refreshing to simply read a book where the characters laid themselves bare, exposing their vulnerabilities without apology.
There were few secondary characters here but what did appear were great and added an additional flavour to the overall story.
So I found “Make Me Want” to be a fabulous new contemporary that in my opinion delivered on all fronts.
I found it a fresh sexy addition to its genre and am happy to recommend this enjoyable tale.
I was provided with an ARC of “Make Me Want” By Netgalley of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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