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/ ARC-Book Review / Poison Kisses Part 1 (Poison Kisses #1) / Lisa Renee Jones /



Release Date-6th February 2018
Genre-Romantic Suspense
Publisher-St. Martin’s Griffin
Kindle Edition-86 Pages

Amanda Skye made me want her. She made me trust her. She made me love her. Then she betrayed me. And now, a madman brings us together again and before our battle with him is over, I will make sure that she never forgets my name: Seth Cage. The Fixer for The Brandon Family Empire, but to a covert CIA operation, I will always be The Assassin. And to Amanda, I will be the man who made her moan, sigh, and beg. And I will make her beg.

***Note — Poison Kisses is part 1 of a 3 part serial: All three parts are super sexy with an alpha man who has met his match in a kickass female. There will be naked moments that may or may not include a gun, which may or may not be his gun. ****

Poison Kisses Part 1 (Poison Kisses, #1)Poison Kisses Part 1 by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Release Date-6/2/18
Poison Kisses is a novella length edition book, the first part of a trilogy By Lisa Renee Jones.
So we have Amanda Skye AKA The Scientist and Seth Cage The assassin.
After a mission gone wrong which leaves a friend of Seth’s dead and Amanda the woman he thought loved him gone.
Seth wanted out of the game but he is called back in for one last mission when the CIA gets a heads up on Amanda whereabouts and he’s definitely the man for this job.
Each thinking the other has betrayed them the two lock heads from the get-go.
Poison kisses may be short but it does pack a punch.
It is told in a series of flashbacks which works but I would have preferred to have seen more now time rather than then.
I struggled to feel a connection between Amanda and Seth at times, maybe because this was so short.
I’m not really sure why if I’m honest I just wasn’t feeling the love here.
I also wasn’t overly fond of the opening scene which Shows Seth getting down and dirty with some random woman.
I didn’t feel it added anything and was just there for added shock value and to say look at me I’m a douchebag player, love them and leave them that’s me, readers.
I felt this could have been portrayed in a much better way, just my opinion know.
So I don’t really know if I’m invested enough to read part two.
We’ll see, a bonus is it’s not long to wait really, so that good news.
Overall this was an ok read for me that passed a pleasant hour.
It was short but certainly was action packed throughout.
So that’s about it from me.
I was provided with an ARC of “Poison Kisses: Part 1 ” By Netgalley of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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4 thoughts on “/ ARC-Book Review / Poison Kisses Part 1 (Poison Kisses #1) / Lisa Renee Jones /”

  1. I felt the same way about the book. It took me long to read, though it is short, because I didn’t feel the connection. Not sure that Seth needed a book, you know? I rather read one about Adrian.

    1. Glad it wasn’t just me then, really not sure if I’m going to read the next instalment.
      this was actually the first thing I’ve read by this author wasn’t aware it was part of a series interesting.

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