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ARC-Book Review Promise Me by Kelly Walker

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Release Date-January 23rd 2018
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-560 Pages

Self-professed Harry Potter addict and math genius River Jacobsen can count on one hand the people who matter in her life. Really, its just Dean, the boy who loves her despite her odd habit of counting everything around her when she needs to quiet her mind. When Dean promises her forever she never imagines it will be a lie.

After Marine hacker Ian Maclean is mistakenly declared dead by the US government, hes happy to correct them the moment he escapes captivity. He wants nothing more than to get home to the wife he left behind. Discovering shes been cheating on him since the moment he deployed wasnt in the plan. Devastated, he walks away from everything, even his name.

With the futures they were counting on destroyed, Ian and River find themselves starting over. Ian reminds River of things shed much rather forget, but pushing him away is harder than she expected. Ian wants a second chance at happily ever after, but the more he gets to know River, the more he worries she isnt trying to figure out how to live again, shes figuring out how to die.

Promise MePromise Me by Kelly Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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So I didn’t realise “Promise Me” by Kelly Walker was from an ongoing series and I think if I had read the others in this series then I would have liked this a lot more.
Saying that in my opinion this can be read as a stand-alone, I just think overall you would be more invested if you had some insight into the world this is actually set in.
For me, I struggled with the first 4o% of this, which I found extremely slow after this mark things did pick up and I raced through the rest.
I Ummed and awwed between a three and four rating, but eventually went with the four as this is so well written and it explored the mental health aspect of things so sensitively and I feel my disconnect came from not being invested in this series because of lack of previous exposure.
“Promise me” basically tells the tale of two emotionally damaged individuals.
River Jacobsen who is hiding and existing after losing the husband she adored and Marine hacker Ian Maclean, who is starting over after being captured and mistakenly declared dead by the government and then returning home to find a cheating spouse.
While just trying to survive life a friendship and later tentative feelings first with Ian and then later with River develop between the two.
But with Rivers emotional issues especially, and Ian knowing she needs real help, well let’s just say it’s not the greatest start to a fledgeling new relationship.
So both River and Ian were extremely likeable characters and as I said previously this is well written and the story flowed well.
“Promise me” also tackled some very big issues that it managed to excel in.
It was refreshing to see the topic of mental illness portrayed and explored so well fictionally.
So, in conclusion, this for me was a good read that I found did have a slow start, but it managed to pick itself up along the way.
So yeh give it a go.
NetGalley provided me with an ARC of Promise Me by Kelly Walker of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own

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