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🏍ARC-Book Review🏍Joyride (Beautiful Biker #2)🏍by D.D. Prince🏍



Release Date-January 25th 2018
Genre-MC Romance
Kindle Edition-496 Pages

Beautiful Biker book 2. The ride continues…
Rider Valentine’s Story.

Rider Valentine’s family, all members of the Dominion Brotherhood MC, opened up a new charter and three businesses in a new town. The Wyld Jackals MC do not want them there and are determined to make that point in a variety of violent ways, including using Dominion Brotherhood women to do so.

Rider has never tied himself to just one woman. But, when a certain gorgeous girl he’s spent some time with is suddenly in danger of being the Jackals’ next target, things change.

Jenna Murdoch has always tried to be a good-time girl, but guarding her heart because heartache is not a good time. Something about Rider makes her see potential and what could be. Can she trust letting her guard down with a good-time guy who seems to like playing games with her heart?

There are sexual assault accusations and Rider has an explanation, but there’s some pretty damning evidence against him, and Jenna decides she’s not interested in playing his games.

Despite Jenna trying to retreat, Rider is determined to keep her safe from the Jackals by any means necessary, even if it includes handcuffing her to his bed.

How hard will Jenna make him work to win her over? Can Jenna overcome the things she knows, the things she saw? Can she trust him? And will Rider simply lose interest once the threat is neutralized?

The beautiful biker series contains standalone but connected and overlapping stories. Each book focuses on a different couple. Reading in order will provide the best reading experience.

Joyride (Beautiful Biker 2)Joyride by D.D. Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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WOW!!!! just wow!! I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Joyride by D. D. Prince and what a journey, I pulled an all-nighter to finish this so great was this stories pull for me.
I just couldn’t put this down, I was enthralled from the opening scenes, right to the finale and this is a long book let me tell you, so my eyes were gritty from lack of shut-eye by the time I finished.
So so worth it, who needs sleep anyway it’s overrated.
So Joyrider itself can totally be read, in my opinion, as a standalone, I will say reading Detour first will definitely give it that something extra and really enhance the whole experience, it isn’t really necessary know.
But if you do want my advice read Detour as well, it’s also a fantastic read that doesn’t disappoint.
So this is set in the same MC world as the previous book and features two of the supporting characters Jenna and Rider.(The Best Friend and Brother)
Joyride basically tells the tale of the development and growing feeling between the two, while also focusing on the misunderstanding and trust issues that arise along the way.
In my opinion its a tale of two halves the before and after and you will see what I am referring to when you read this for yourself.
I also made that initial mistake of taking these two good time guy and gal at face value from the previous book as this is how I perceived them both to be.
The lesson I took away here is don’t always judge a book by its cover sometimes you need to open the pages and read.
And this is something Rider especially had to learn to do as he slowly came to realise that he had done just that Judged a book by its cover.

 photo tenor_zpspcmgp3fq.gif

and with the still ongoing issues of the Dominion Brotherhood MC’s War with the Jackel’s Jenna gets caught in the crossfire as events implode in dramatic style.
So I really adored both main characters like loads and what made them so likeable was their sheer relatability.
I found both to be highly flawed in a lot of ways and it’s so much easier to identify with normal flawed human beings.
I especially adored Riders humour and how he was able to add a lighter tone to events while also knowing when to change track as his intensity was needed.
It was also this humour that I think helped to smash down Jenna’s walls and let’s face it a sledgehammer was needed to totally obliterate these.
Jenna herself was high maintenance with a capital H, events surrounding her childhood have shaped her into the woman she is and Rider can totally identify as he just gets it with his mother being the way she is also.
They have this in common, a thread connecting them together.
Jenna herself I wanted to shake her constantly, just so she’d see some sense.
It was like she was on a fast track of self-destruction, self-sabotaging behaviour and as I watched, sometimes at times with sheer disbelief, dumbfounded at her actions.
I wanted to give her a swift kick up the ass and scream OMG girl really.
This, while still also understanding the logic behind her self-saving conduct.
I have never wanted to strangle a character so much while at the same time give them a big hug and say everything’s gonna be ok girlfriend.
Joyride itself had me laughing and crying and was so much more emotive than what I was expecting.
and boy did I laugh at the many varied comebacks and banter between Jenna and Rider.
And then in the next breath cry at the truly heartbreaking events also occurring.


It was angsty which I don’t always like, here it didn’t bother me at all, maybe because I was just so captivated by the whole story.
I should also mention Joyride is written from Jenna’s POV, again not an issue for me, my only real concern with this style of writing is sometimes it can fail to capture the complete profile,of in this case that would be Rider.
I didn’t feel that here, I felt that I got to know Rider as a man equally as much as Jenna.
Oh and while I’m rambling on here my new fave word, ALPHAHOLE love it, and I found this cool pic and written quote to explain what one of these males actually are.

 photo ahole-chart 1_zpst4pgwkni.jpg

As you can see from above chart, alphahole’s controlling tendencies push him to the very edge of a-hole spectrum. Any more a-hole and we risk entering Shades of Gray territory. Please note that caretaker hero type falls closer to alphahole on the a-hole spectrum than to beta male. Caretaker hero is driven by an overwhelming urge to protect and take care of the heroine and in the name of keeping her safe, he might exhibit serious alphahole tendencies, as demonstrated by Edward in Twilight series.

I got the above handy explanation from…

Just for the record Joyride is full of Hot Alphaholes. fanning myself here.
So back to it, the story here flowed and I was transfixed throughout I also loved being able to revisit Ella and Deacon and the many diverse individuals that make up this world.
So to conclude Joyride was a fantastic read that I immensely enjoyed and I have no issue recommending to you at all.
And this here ends my rambling, this is hands down my favourite read of 2018 so far.
You so need to just pick this up and give it a chance.
I was provided with an ARC of Joyride from the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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