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🌾Book-Review🌾Battle for Love (War of Hearts 0.5)🌾by Julia Sykes🌾

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Release Date-January 5th 2018
Genre-Menage Romance
Kindle Edition-67 Pages

I don’t deserve her: the sweet, perfect angel with the sweet, perfect life.

She doesn’t know anything about my violent past. But if I could just touch her, taste her, then maybe I could pretend her perfect world could be mine, too.

I know I should stay away, but when she looks to me for protection, her fate is sealed.

Ashlyn will be mine.

Note: Battle for Love is the prequel to War of Hearts.

Battle for LoveBattle for Love by Julia Sykes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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“Battle for love” is a very short prequel, (and I wouldn’t really even class this as novella length) setting the stage and introducing us to the upcoming characters in “War of Hearts”.
Here we get a brief presentation into the events leading us up to Ashlyn’s abduction by Marco.
Joseph has run from his criminal family and is lying low in this bustling college town.
Working as a bartender he spots Ashlyn and becomes captivated by her beauty and innocence.
After rescuing her from unwanted advances Joseph succumbs to his baser needs and despite trying to stay away he finds himself captivated by Ashlyn.
But past events have a way of catching up and it’s not long before best friend Marco shows up in pursuit of Joseph.
So “Battle for love” Is mainly a taste of the main event and as such my rating reflects this fact.
We don’t really get to learn that much about this upcoming trio but what is apparent is that Joseph is holding back his true nature from his Angel,
Ashlyn is entranced and smitten with Joseph and Marco well he’s the dark horse really and in my opinion the most interesting out of the three.
The dark horse who I would be interested in learning more about.
All three Ashlyn, Joseph and Marco come across as very different but also extremely likeable individuals.
Now confession time, the reason I said I would be interested in learning more about Marco, well I already know as I read this backwards,
Holds head in shame,

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I have a habit of doing this, in my defence, I wasn’t aware of Battle For Love’s existence until I’d started its predecessor.
So I skipped back after the main event out of curiosity.
So that’s it “Battle For Love” is what it is, a brief foray into the “War Of Hearts” world
That sets the scene and draws you in splendidly.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.

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