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❄️ARC-Book Review❄️Deep Control (Dark Dominance #2)❄️by Annabel Joseph❄️



Release Date-23rd January 2018
Genre-Erotic Romance
Publisher-Scarlet Rose Press
Kindle Edition

Not all fantasies are safe, sane, and consensual. Welcome to the world of The Gallery…

Devin’s a pilot and playboy, as well as a Gallery Dominant known for his sadistic desires. Ella is a famed physicist whose quiet intelligence masks a depraved longing for pain. When the two connect in a foreign dungeon, neither knows that one of them will soon save the other’s life.

From such dramatic beginnings, a mutual friendship grows, along with a daring D/s relationship. Is their play merely sensual, or do their feelings run deeper? Within the opulent walls of The Gallery, Devin and Ella explore ever-expanding limits and test the boundaries of trust

Deep Control (Dark Dominance, #2)Deep Control by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS
ARC-book Review
Release Date-22/1/18

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Deep Control (Dark Dominance #2) by Annabel Joseph was an absolute delight to read.
Its one of them reads that’s a little bit out of the box in regards to the normal and that’s what floated my boat with this story.
So Deep Control is the second book in this series and although
these books occupy the same world this can totally be read as a stand-alone, I did and had no issues what so ever following along.
I also want to mention how much I’m loving that book cover, such a hot combustible image, adoring it totally.

So this book follows Pilot Devin a Dominant and a bit of a sadist and Ella an astrophysicist with a penchant for pain.
When the two meet, first with a brief encounter at a club and later as Devon is accompanying Ella on a flight to New York as a flight coach due to her severe phobia of flying, sparks do fly and after sharing a traumatic life-affirming experience the two end up hooking up and realise there desires align perfectly.

Deciding this is something they both want to explore Devon asks Ella along to the Gallery. An exclusive club that caters to the extreme, here there are no safe words and a sub needs a sponsor and invitation to play.
Neither wanting a relationship, each for there own reasons, the two embark on a friendship of mutual desire and depravity, but sometimes the best-laid plans can easily go to pot.

So I really enjoyed Deep Control, it was a hot messy read but also had the added bonus of a great storyline, I really liked all the characters if at times I did want to give Ella a big kick up the derriere for her sheer stubbornness in realising what she actually held in her hand and was in danger of losing if she didn’t pull her finger out and smell the coffee.
Devin himself was such a delicious specimen and I just loved how he took such good care of Ella it was very apparent early on how much he cared.
I found this to be such an easy read with some great secondary characters and I raced through this very quickly indeed.
I should also probably mention that there are menage scenes where Devon shares Ella with his friend, this is all completely consensual and the HEA that eventually occurs is only between Devon and Ella but I thought I should this just mention just in case this bothers you at all.
Though I haven’t read anything by this author before I am pleased to say this was a very positive experience and I will definitely be checking out any other books she has out, especially the ones in this series.

So that’s about it, Deep Control gets a big thumbs up from me, check it out you won’t be disappointed.
I was provided with an ARC of Deep Control (Dark Dominance #2) by Annabel Joseph of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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