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How Gorgeous Is This Vintage Bespoke Cover.


So I decided I wanted to update my kindle cover, but I wanted something a bit different from the norm.
There are loads of covers on eBay and Amazon I could have ordered for pence and other covers that were at the complete other end of the spectrum in regards to the price tag.
Myself I was looking for something more middle of the road,  But I still wanted something more personal and bespoke but without an exorbitant price tag attached for the privilege.
I was so pleased to find this lovely handmade bespoke case on eBay-UK it’s lovely and would also make a fantastic gift as it comes in a lovely hand wrapped package

This one cost me £21.99 plus postage, looking around I found this a very good price and now its arrived I am more than happy and I have something a little bit classier for my E-Reader.

If you would like to have a look there are various eye-catching designs besides mine.


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The Back Of The Cover Is A lovely Green velvet.

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Comes Wrapped Like This, Would Make A fantastic Personal Present.


I also decided to pick up a new phone case while I was Browsing E-Bay.
My Phone is a hand me down from my 23-year-old daughter.
Its an I-Phone 6 (she upgraded to a 7)
Compensation I call it after all those years of paying for her bloody expensive phone contract.
Hence she also gave me a phone case too and I have to admit I’ve just left it like that for months and not bothered to get my own case.
Until I saw this little baby and I knew I just had to have it.

A Steal at £6.89     HERE



What Do You Think Of This Baby Lush Isn’t It.



So That’s me done for this month just thought I would share these with you as I’m over the moon with them. My kindle case has the vintage unique look I love and was after and my phone case says it all when it comes to my life.

Never enough time for all the wonderful books I love to read.

So what do you all use for your Kindle and phone covers and what do these say about you?



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  1. So jealous!! I love your covers!!

    1. Aw thank you 🙏

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