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💔Cirque de Minuit💔 (Cirque Masters #1)💔 by Annabel Joseph💔



Release Date-February 28th 2012
Genre-Erotic Romance
Publisher-Scarlet Rose Press
Kindle Edition-208 Pages

It’s no easy feat transitioning from the disciplined arena of competitive gymnastics to the artistic whirl of the Cirque du Monde. Kelsey Martin finds secret inspiration in Theo Zamora, a dark, taciturn trapezist–until his partner dies in a tragic accident and he decides to leave the circus for good.

Theo doesn’t understand why Kelsey reaches out to him, only that she compels him with her unique combination of innocence and recklessness. Before long the two are collaborating on an aerial silks act for a new production, the Cirque de Minuit. Theo’s impatience with Kelsey’s naivete is matched only by his passion for her, and the two soon become embroiled in a tempestuous, consuming romance.

But some still blame Theo for his partner’s accident, and danger wraps up the two performers as inevitably as the scarlet silk of their act. Theo and Kelsey must find a way to connect and trust one another as he leads her deeper and deeper into a dangerous world of control and desire.

Cirque de Minuit (Cirque Masters, #1)Cirque de Minuit by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 STARS
J’adore Cirque de Minuit (Cirque Masters, #1) by Annabel Joseph, like really really love 💞this.
From the moment I started reading this incredibly unique story, It grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go until It had consumed me in its entirety.
I don’t think I’ve ever read a set of BDSM stories set in the circus and this pulled me in with its sheer individuality.
So Cirque de Minuit is set in the world of Cirque du Monde and Kelsey Martin a former Olympic reserve gymnast is one of its newest employees.
From day one she is overly fascinated by Theo Zamora a foul-mouthed French dominant trapezist.
and when Theo loses his trapeze partner Mina in tragic circumstance Kelsey steps forward determined to pull him out of his despair with an offer to work with him and his bad hands.
Apparently, circus folks are superstitious so Theo’s career is now on the out.
Theo in true mean derogatory style stamps all over Kelsey’s offer.
But later has a change of heart offering to partner and train her in Ariel Silks for a finale act in the new midnight show being put together.
So I loved this twisted tale of submission and domination set against the splendid backdrop of the circus.
both of the main characters were extremely easy to like and identify with.
Theo himself was a sexy bundle of man flesh and every time he uttered the words come and called his Kelzee Girl I melted into a gooey puddle.
I could just imagine his sexy gorgeous broken accent as he laid out his wants and wishes.
In fact, I think I might be giving him a bit too much leeway on account of my total infatuation.
He was a bit of a mean naughty boy at times.
Kelsey herself grew so much through this tale, she started out as quite naive and sheltered and came across to me as such a wholesome blonde American cheerleader type.
As this book expanded so did Kelsey growing so much in her character.
It seemed the more she identified her wants and needs the more she grew as an individual.

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This from me would have been a total five-star rating, but there were some minor niggles that pulled this down slightly for me, so I removed half a star for this exact reason.
Whilst I adored the pull and push of this developing D/S relationship and I didn’t even mind the club antics as it was a scene mutually agreed upon and I was fine with that.
What I objected to was Kelsey having to visit Michel’s office I thought that was just a step too far and Theo as Kelsey’s Dom should have put a stop to it.
That is my only reason for removing half a star.
Over than that I cant recommend this book enough, I have KU and as a result, I don’t buy many individual books, this one I made an exception for.
One Hell of a read.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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