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🍁Book Review 🍁Cold Fire: A Pre-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance (Ice Drake Series #1)🍁 by Emma Layne🍁

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Release Date-27th November 2017
Genre-Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-253 Pages

The Earth’s days are numbered, and aliens are looting the planet. 
Faro is a Drakeborne Knight, a product of dragon and human DNA. He came to Earth on a mission to save his people and Faro thought he’d return to Iradia as a conquering hero, but then he meets Amy. Inexplicably, he’s drawn to her. Faro fears he inherited more than enhanced abilities. Dragons have fierce, unbreakable bonds with their mates. And now, Faro is torn between love and loyalty. 
Since her father’s untimely death, Amy has been grief-stricken, and every day is a struggle, until she meets Faro, a stranger staying at her inn. He’s not like other men, and eventually, she discovers Faro is an empath from another world. He lifts her burdens, brings her joy, but the secrets he’s keeping threaten to tear them apart. 
Can Amy forgive him? And will they save both their planets?

Cold Fire: A Pre-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance (Ice Drake Series Book 1)Cold Fire: A Pre-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance by Emma Layne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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So Cold Fire A Pre-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance (Ice Drake Series Book 1) by Emma Layne was an OK read for me, while this had plenty to recommend it I don’t think it went enough into detail overall to actually capture the reader’s imagination.
All the ingredients were ultimately there so I would say with a little more editing and additional input, this could easily be turned around from an OK read to a great read.
So first off I have never read anything by this author before and I absolutely love dragons.
So I think its safe to say I was excited to get started with this story.
So Cold fire follows the story of Amy and Faro.
Amy Is running a failing inn in Alaska, that since her father’s death is vastly in need of a large sum of capital.
Faro is on earth looting its resources along with other alien races.
unbeknown to Earths leaders, Earth is in the path of a massive meteor like the one that killed the dinosaurs thousands of years ago and has only two years at most left before this fatal collision.
The intergalactic powers that be because of this have declared it open season on all earth’s resources.
Faro is a Drakeborne Knight from the planet Iradia, a product of dragon and human DNA.
He can shapeshift into a dragon.
So he and his brothers need a place to reside while they covertly steal the planets natural supplies.
Amy sees them as the answer to her current financial nightmare as they come with a large wadd of cash, enough for a few months stay at her inn, saving her business.
So I’m going to start with the good, Cold Fire was an easy read with great world building.
There are so many places this story could branch off to and this was such a big plus.
The main characters here were likeable if a bit stereotypical.
I also loved the backdrop of Alaska and also having fire-breathing hot dragons didn’t hurt either.
There were various interesting side characters involved here that I imagine can be developed further in future books.
I also loved the old world speech used here, I found it to be an extremely endearing touch.
So As I said earlier, some great things to be deloped further on.
Now for what I struggled with, well first I found Cold Fire to be quite a slow building story.
Which is fine as long as there is something to hold the reader’s attention.
Here I found it was just Amy internalising about Faro with her yes I will, no I won’t, and Faro poping his muscles everywhere trying to entice Amy.
When something does eventually happen to pep me up, I found it a bit disjointed and out of sync.
I didn’t, myself, feel much of a connection towards Amy and Faro and I was also very uninvested in their relationship overall.
I felt very disconnected from the two and found myself skimming and although likeable, both sometimes came across as extremely irritating.
There is also one thing that really bugged me, Amy doesn’t seem that bothered by her friend’s awful future at all, she seemed more bothered by the reindeer’s fates.
This really didn’t warm me to the girl at all.
But Despite these issues, I still did enjoy this and also finished quite quickly.
It will be interesting to see where the author takes this as there is huge potential.
In conclusion, this was an OK easy read that with some further development could be a hell of a lot better than it actually is now.
I was gifted a copy of Cold Fire By Emma Layne of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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