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🌸Book-Review🌸Alone Before You (Before You #1)🌸by Claire Scott 🌸



Release Date-1st June 2017
Genre-New Adult Romantic Suspense
Kindle Edition-134Pages

With her past haunting her, Gwen Taylor shut herself off from every relationship she ever had.

But her lonely existence comes to an end when she moves to Beauforde, a small mountain town in Colorado. And when she meets Colton Underwood, a businessman and amateur boxer.

Their attraction is consuming, and soon even Gwen can’t deny her growing feelings toward Colt or the fact that their affair is anything but casual. But, even as she comes alive for the first time in years, her past threatens to destroy everything. 

Drowning with guilt over a something she cannot change, Gwen must face her fears before it all catches up to her.

*WARNING! This book is recommended for ages 18+ due to explicit sexual content and language that some people may consider offensive. This book is dark erotica and is not intended for young readers. All situations of a sexual nature are consensual, though there is some non-sexual violence and disturbing situations. If you are sensitive to graphic violence or sexual encounters read with caution. 

Alone Before You (Before You #1)Alone Before You by Claire Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS
I enjoyed Alone before you By Claire Scott immensely.
From the opening scene which was so dramatic, I was transfixed with this book.
I would describe this novel to be of the New Adult genre and also just to add that this was my first experience with this particular author.
So Alone before you is the first book in a trilogy and this sets the stage for the whole upcoming saga.
So as I said earlier, as soon as this starts we are thrown right into the fray of what is Gwen Taylor’s tragic upbringing.
Initially, We are given a brief snippet into her existence before then fast-forwarding into the present, where Gwen is now basically on the run, trying unsuccessfully to escape her past.
sick of moving and wanting to lay down some roots Gwen decides to settle in Beauforde, a small mountain town in Colorado as she decides she wants to attend school to do an art degree.
here she meets Colton Underwood an amateur boxer and local businessman who instantly upon running into Gwen sets her in his crosshairs.
Gwen is quite happy to oblige but only in a booty call scenario only as she doesn’t do relationships.
I get the impression that Colton doesn’t usually either but he’s so drawn to and intrigued by Gwen he’s quite willing to make an exception just this once.
It’s quite apparent that Gwen is uncomfortable around people mostly due to her tragic past and her current unwillingness to mingle as she feels so unworthy of anyone’s attention.
Her past really has done a massive number on her in this instance.
We also get introduced to some extremely interesting secondary characters here, I’m so adoring the friend Heather, she seems such a real sweetie and exactly what Gwen needs at this time in her life, and also being Gwen’s first ever friend well that’s just epic.
The sex scenes here are hot and sweaty and every time Colton opened his mouth and called Gwen babe I got bloody tingles, all the way down to my toes.
I’m also so loving the suspense angle in regards to Gwen’s dad can’t wait to see where this is going.
So, in conclusion, though I don’t read many NA novels I really did enjoy this one and would be happy to recommend this.
If you’re looking for a solid hot suspensful read then give this a try.
I was gifted a copy of “Alone By You” of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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