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🕊Book Review🕊Of Die By the Drop🕊 (Shivers and Sins #1)🕊by Kaia Bennett🕊



Release Date-26th September 2016
Genre-Dark Paranormal Erotic/Horror
Kindle Edition-347 Pages

I’d fought to lead a normal life, despite being anything but.
Until the night three monsters forced me to fight for survival instead.
They turned a short walk through the woods into the road trip to Hell.
The leader made me his, made me dread pleasure and relish pain. Made me want things I’d once feared.
They wanted to break me, bleed me drop by drop.
They picked the wrong witch.

Author’s Note:

The light at the bottom of this rabbit hole is tinted obsidian, and I put the characters in this story through the ringer. Not for the faint-hearted, this read explores the dark side of obsession, in all its forms. Adults only from this point. Strap in and buckle up. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Because the teeth lurking ahead are razor sharp and the blood they seek might be yours. Please, do not attempt to exert your human morals on the fictional beasts you will meet. They’ll just laugh while they rip you to shreds.

Die By the Drop (Shivers and Sins #1)Die By the Drop by Kaia Bennett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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OMG!!! What did I just read !!!!
I really don’t know where to start with this review.
Die By the Drop (Shivers and Sins #1) by Kaia Bennett is going to be such a super hard one to articulate my thoughts about. All I know is that I need to get my concepts down on paper while they’re still fresh in my head.
And as I have already started to read The second instalment. where we get to play around in Jesse’s head this time, I would like to keep the two experience’s as separate as possible as I’m finding the two seem to have slightly different flavours to them.
So first a huge warning, Please take this author’s disclaimer seriously “Die By The Drop” is not for the faint of heart, it is at times a very hard pill to swallow.
And also on a side note If I had to classify this there is no way I would shelve this under dark paranormal romance, There is nothing in any way shape or form romantic about this story.
In my opinion, erotic horror is closer to the mark with this.
“Die By The Drop” contains graphic themes of rape, murder and torture and it is all described explicitly, no punches are pulled here.
If you think you can handle that level of dark and depraved then, by all means, strap in for the ride, but, you have been warned so please do take notice of this.
So now I have that warning out of the way let’s begin.
first, let me give you a brief outline,
Evie is stolen from her life.
Her everyday mundane existence with her cookie cutter family and her lack-lustre boyfriend Manny.
While attending a party in the woods, Evie feels off not feeling it and with an unexplainable sense of dread she bickers with her boyfriend and decides to ditch.
On the way back to her vehicle Poor Evie encounters two males (Liam and Vaughn) in a terrifying game of cat and mouse the two give chase eventually easily subduing her and setting a nightmare in motion that Evie has no idea is only just starting for her.
They are joined by there brother in arms and leader of there rag-tag little crew Jesse.
This trio of brothers are so in sync, they’ve been hunting together for years and have chosen Evie as their next meal/fuck toy.
As Evie finds herself dying fading away on the forest floor she reaches deep into her psyche and pulls forth from her inner depths an overwhelming will to survive at any cost.
Calling on abilities she has suppressed for years Evie summons her resolve and allows her senses to quicken.
An empath and natural witch Evie uses these gifts to capture the interest of a predator.
intrigued despite himself Jesse calls a halt to proceedings and decides to take the witch along for the ride as a side-diversion.
Evie for the moment is alive, but for how long and will she be the same if she ultimately survives this cross-country road trip of terror and depravity.
Evie is now in the company of Vampires and she herself is their ready-meal of sweet intoxicating witches blood with a side offering of easy sex.
It Gives a whole new meaning to the term playing with your food and meals on wheels, doesn’t it?.

So First, point-I have never read anything from this author before and despite the hard subject matter dealt with here this is so very well written that despite my internal cringing and revulsion I was glued and enthralled with an almost morbid compulsion to continue.
I couldn’t stop reading if you paid me, I was fascinated, repelled, addicted and revolted all at the same time.
So This had to be one of the darkest if not the darkest book I have ever read, just when I thought this had reached the bottommost depths of depravity and it couldn’t possibly get any worse, you’ve guessed it, yep it deteriorated.
I actually found myself hating Vaughn so much his and Liam’s actions I found particularly hard to fathom there lack of humanity and empathy considering they were once human was at times difficult to grasp.
Jesse, I kinda comprehend his lack of humanity considering its an affliction he has never suffered from, notice I don’t say understand or condone as there is nothing that can make the atrocities committed by these three at all understandable.
Their actions are evil whichever way you look at them, in every way, shape and form imaginable.
Bloodlust doesn’t make you cruel, uncaring and evil personified.
The way they taunt and play with their victims does that.
Drunk on their own power and arrogance, thinking that their top of the food chain and everything else is just a blood sack to use and abuse. like a dog playing with a bone.
Evie being the Bone.
I also think that Vaughn being and seeming such a monster was there to kinda make Jesse seem more sympathetic, this did actually work it was like oh yeh Jesse is so evil!!! but Vaughn is so so much worse mindset.
But really when it comes down to it bad is just bad.
Liam, well he was like the badly influenced much younger baby brother going along for the ride, he was so easily influenced and seemed quite simple in his overall dealings, almost seeming like a such a child at times, it was all just about the sex blood and the hunt for him.
The whole underground supernatural storyline with vampire hotels room service with hazmat suits and complimentary meals on the house and V-Strep (A Vampire disease) very inventive adored this aspect of the book.
I enjoyed how this story progressed and you really had absolutely no idea where you were heading, this made for some very unexpected situations encountered along the way.
I liked where we left off with this and though “Die By The Drop” was not the easiest to stomach at times, I do like where we left it and I honestly can say I will definitely be continuing (as I said earlier I already have started.)
How could I not? this is not the sort of story you just quit, it’s one where no matter how great your abhorrence of the individuals involved your compliance is not just an option its a given.
So in case, you didn’t get the memo
Vaughn- Hate his guts strongly.
Liam-Actively disliking Him.
Jesse-want to rip his heart out, let him heal then do it all over again just for shit and giggles.
Evie-Such a strong individual, I want to cry so bad for her. Poor Poor girl.

So I’m going to leave it here, “Die By The Drop” By Kaia Bennet may not be for everyone.
It’s fucked up and all sorts of disturbing, but it is the sort of train that once you’ve got on your there for the ride.
Sheer doggedness kept me there for the journey and when the going got rocky I just clung tighter to my seat to avoid expulsion. I wanted things to change for Evie so much I just wasn’t going anywhere.
I So just wanted her to catch a break.
I expect this tale is going to very much like marmite for people,
It is going be a love/Hate job with few in-betweens.
One last thought and I’ll stop waffling on.
I think the author Kaia Bennet was very brave going the way she did with this it could have blown up in her face big style.
massive gutts from her indeed.
In my opinion, she’s done a fantastic job and while I can’t say it’s always been a pleasure.
Its certainly and most definitely been one hell of a ride.
I am so looking forward to the journey take two will bring.


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