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💖Review Of Midwife in Behruz💖 by Judy Meadows💖


Release Date- 1st November 2017
Publisher-Wild Rose Press
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-223 Pages

A spicy, humorous contemporary set in a fictional Middle Eastern country by an author who has lived in the Middle East and has worked as a doula.

blurb –
She was outrageous—with her ponytail, her jar of semen, and her T-shirt that proclaimed, “Midwife at Your Cervix.”

Layla’s trip to Behruz is meant to be one last adventure before she joins her dreamboat fiance in Texas. But Behruz casts a spell on her. Her knowledge as a midwife is needed there. Serving women’s health in a country where no one talks about “such things” is a challenge.

Majid, an American-trained doctor, is ready to settle down, but because of an old family bias, American women are forbidden to him. That’s no problem until Layla walks into his clinic with a sassy smile, a jar of semen, and a blond fiance back home.

Midwife in BehruzMidwife in Behruz by Judy Meadows

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Midwife in Behruz By Judy Meadows was a sweet mostly tame contemporary romance.
It follows Layla a very down to earth sweet American of mixed heritage who journeys to her childhood fictional middle eastern country for her uncle’s wedding.
Here she meets Majid a local doctor with a massive family, the poor blokes got meddling auntie’s coming out of his ears.
The two connect over there love of healthcare, Layla herself is a trained midwife so they have plenty in common with each other.
Over the course of Layla’s stay, Majid falls head over heels for the outrageous American with her suggestive t-shirts.
The only problem is Layla has an all American blonde adonis of a fiance back home she professes to love.
So what positives did I take away from this enjoyably different book?
The characters were fresh and likeable, I especially liked Majhad who seemed such a sweetheart and so clueless at times.
I was very interested in the cultural aspects of this story, the rich history and the lives of the everyday folks were really explored richly, I could almost imagine myself walking among the stalls at the local bazaar.
I loved the background setting for the story so much, it was so exotic, so very different in this aspect to a lot of similar settings for romance novels.
Midwife in Behruz was also very humorous, I especially loved the t-shirt slogans that Layla seemed to love and also the purchasing of unmentionable female products for the older lady he he, what a way to win the family over.
The story flowed easily for me, making for an enjoyable experience.
The downsides I found are mainly just observations that slightly didn’t work for me.
So First the uncle, So here goes, I feel that a royal leader would be slightly more aware and clued up on reproduction issues even in a less westernised culture, if he was female, well yeh, I would get that but not for a man it just seemed slightly unlikely, but that’s just my opinion.
Second, I thought Layla was slightly naive in regards to her relationship with her fiance, it seemed very high school and so uninvested for the both of them really.
Also, Her thought processes in regards to this fiance seemed to me slightly immature in nature, but again maybe just me.
Sometimes less can be more I find, this was so very descriptive medically which I didn’t really like, I found it gave way too much medical Jargan for my personal tastes.
I also at times felt a little disconnected from Layla and Majhid, not sure why that was but I did.
So there you have it, those were my small niggles, but overall this for me was a solid delightful read.
Midwife in Behruz reminded me very much of an old style mills and boon romance.
with everything in a set structure boy meets girl, they fall for each but there are obstacles, (in this case the fiance) but eventually, this resolves and they live happily ever after.
The heat level here is low, with one small make out session and a hotel bedroom scene, these are more suggesting of intimacy rather than graphic descriptions of the act itself, so very mild indeed.
I would class this overall as a tame read.
There nothing wrong with that, sometimes simple, sweet, no angst is a nice change from the drama.
This book is a lovely boy gets the girl tale, it does exactly what it says on the tin, so if you like your romance humorous, sweet and romantic this would be a good fit for you.
I would like to say thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC this is my own free and honest opinion.

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