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Cathie Devitt has always been a scribbler. Cathie never held any ambition to have her work published, she just loves words, (which you will understand if you ever try to engage her in conversation).

“Encouraged by friends who write I submitted a few poems and short stories to various publications and was delighted when they were accepted for magazines and anthologies. There is nothing a writer likes better than the thrill of seeing their work in print…or is there?”

Cathie’s comedy drama “Mammy” was written for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and following that success went on to be performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Henley Festival. Cathie performed the lead role in the Glasgow events.

This experience reminded Cathie of a play that she wrote in her last year of primary school. “A New Door Opens” Another play that brought success in that it toured around several schools in Glasgow at the request of Cathie’s then Head teacher, Mr Murphy. Again, Cathie played the lead role.

“ I think it’s good for a writer to have the confidence to read or perform their own work. It brings it to life as only the writer really knows when best to change tone and pace. Of course should Gerard Butler or Bette Midler ever want to read/perform my work, who am I to stop them?”


When Cathie published her first book “Don’t Drink & Fly!” she was again caught up in the warm hug of the validation of it being published, the book launch, media coverage and positive reviews. With book number two now on sale “Don’t Doubt the Magic!” Cathie still feels in awe when folk take time out of their busy lives to read and comment on her work.

“I don’t submit much of my work for publication just because I never seem to get the time to hone and polish it to a standard that I feel is my best. Percentage wise though I have a good track record. I feel saddened when I hear writers measure their success only by their book sales/reviews/ ratings and awards. Whilst I understand that public recognition is valuable I think a it can detract from what we as writers do and that is share our imagination for others enjoyment. Marketing is very powerful and sometimes gems are drowned in the surging sea of the publicity of work from cash happy agents.”

With a hectic life, family and work commitments, Cathie continues to write.




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