Release Date-June 15th 2017 Genre-Dark mafia romance

Kindle Edition-311 pages

Vasilije Markovic is the prince of the Serbian mafia and one of the most powerful men in Chicago. His smile may be razor sharp, but he’s crueler than the devil.

I’m playing a dangerous game and betting my life I’m going to win. I pretend to be his pawn. I do as he says and move where he tells me, letting him think he’s in control as I position myself for revenge.

Every turn brings us closer. His grin doesn’t seem as evil when we’re alone. Behind closed doors, I welcome his unrelenting and vicious personality. He’s confessed all his secrets, but I’m holding one back and it’s a game changer.

If I survive the board, this pawn turns into a queen. I become the most powerful player and send all the other pieces running. To get what I want, I must make sacrifices, but am I willing to draw the line at him?

Torrid by Nikki Sloane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Torrid By Nikki Sloane is a hold on to your pants type of ride. It’s the sort of story that once you start reading your racing to the finish line, it’s that good. So where to start, Well first we have Vasilije Markovic, second in line to his uncle and part of the Serbian Mafia. Vasilije is a cold foul-mouthed, vicious twenty-four-year-old man. What he wants he gets and he wants Oksana his Russian plaything. Oksana has been sent in undercover by her father, head of the Russian mafia. She is the illegitimate daughter of Sergey. But Our girl has a plan to double-cross her father and get Vasilije on board, let’s just hope she doesn’t manage to get herself offed in the process. Oksana is not like most girls she has a dark side that seems to feed Vasilije’s lust for her. These two damaged individuals fit together like a jigsaw, each one seeming to need the validation of their mirror to feel whole. From the start of this journey, I was invested in our twosome and I adored the way Vasilije tortured Oksana with his unique brand of foreplay, talk about a panty warmer. The way our girl reeled him in and even surprised herself on how she got off on Vasilije’s rough bedroom antics. I think for the first time Vasilije feels accepted and wanted for who he is, the way she just takes what he dishes out and then asks for more is such a big turn on for him, and also a first. Obviously, there a lot more than sex going on here and even though this is not a romantic soppy read, Torrid implies so much emotion through what isn’t said and with Oksana’s beautifully haunting music that she pours herself into well, let’s just say sometimes the words are just not really needed, it just is what it is. So With Mafia business going on behind the scenes, and secrets being kept, there is never a dull moment in this novel, it really does keep you on your toes. So I found this a really easy read, Torrid ticked every one of my boxes and more. The story flowed brilliantly keeping me the reader engrossed and invested, It was so satisfying to see certain characters get their just desserts. What was even more phenomenal was seeing these two find their own version of a HEA. Checkmate!!!! the queen got her king. I would like to say thank you so much to the author Nikki Sloane for generously providing me with an ARC of Torrid, this is my own personal opinion on this book.


Release Date-April 25th 2017 genre-erotic Romance

Kindle Edition-325 pages

Confess your sin.

People call me Father, but I prefer Frank because I’m the worst preacher you’ll ever meet. Days spent completely wasted pull a number on you, especially when you’ve got a truckload of baggage that comes with it. Until this beautiful girl in the back of the church takes my breath away. …And we end up committing sacrilege in the confessional. Did I mention I’m filthy? Bad doesn’t even begin to describe me, and after one taste of what she’s got to offer, I want more. Too bad having a dirty mind isn’t the only thing we’ve got in common…

Our past is laced with sin.

Author’s Note: This book is not for everyone. It’s raw. It’s vulgar. It’s downright offensive. But it’s oh so damn delicious with a capital D. If you are easily offended or prudish, please don’t read this book. But if you like a bit of humor mixed in with raunchiness and brawling, you’ll love this book.
Contains disturbing situations, strong language, and graphic violence

Father by Clarissa Wild

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having never before read a book by Clarissa Wild I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, well Father is absolutely filthy, I mean it’s totally one of the dirtiest books I’ve ever read and I devoured every naughty word. I will just say that if you are a tall religious, or easily offended, this is probably not going to be the read for you, so my advice then would be give Father a wide berth you have been warned. And for my fellow degenerates well your in for a real treat get ready for a fun-filled ride. So our preacher here Frank, (not a priest mind) after terribly tragic circumstances is wallowing in drink and his guilt. he’s trying to run his adoptive mother’s church, very half-heartedly I might add, but has so lost his way and is just about ready to jack it all in. Enter Laura and her brothers and things are about to get interesting, hold on tight. These two lovers practically set the page alight with their raunchy antics, neither one is shy when it comes to expressing their desires and wants. But there are obstacles to climb before are two lovers can get their HEA and with secrets just waiting to emerge it’s gonna be a rocky road. So These two, Well Frank is Loud, foul mouthed and dirty, he drinks like a fish, smokes loads, he’s got tattoos and knows how to take care of himself due to his former young antics when he was part of a gang. Laura knows what she wants and is not shy about getting it, she is used to taking care of her two younger brothers and is also on the run from her father. In fact, Frank and Laura are very much alike, both knowing tragedy and loss, this shared grief brings them closer together. Two kindred spirits. So this was a great read, as much as I loved the corruption and raw animal need in father, this story is a lot more than just sex, it told a very emotional in depth story that really got to me. I adored the flawed characters and really felt a connection with both Frank and Laura. Also, this had great secondary players and was a really easy flowing read. So if you like your action raw and your men flawed and damaged well give Father a go I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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Release Date-July 11th 2017 Publisher-8th Circle Press Genre-Erotica

Kindle Edition-235 pages

Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother’s art gallery. Unfortunately, not only is The Red painted red, but it’s in the red.

Just as she realizes she has no choice but to sell it, a mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year.

The man is handsome, English, and terribly tempting…but surely her mother didn’t mean for Mona to sell herself to a stranger. Then again, she did promise to do anything to save The Red…

The Red is a standalone novel of erotic fantasy from Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author of The Bourbon Thief and the Original Sinners series

The Red by Tiffany Reisz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, My friggin god !!!! I’m not quite sure where to start with this review, perhaps with a disclaimer that if you have a weak constitution maybe put this book down now as the Red is likely to give you a bleeding heart attack with its dubiously delectable content. ME!!! well, bring on the coronary because this book man, what a way to go!! But seriously if you’re easily offended or a bit of a novice to the erotica genre, you might want to start your journey with something a little less hard-core, as The Red Is not a novel with romantic lovey-Dovey phrases or lame-ass cliches. It was so refreshing that it called a spade a spade!!! no cutesy words, just plain tell it as it is loved that. This for me was one of the biggest reasons this gets a big smokin thumbs up from me. and I can honestly say I have never quite read anything like this before, The Red has an almost mythical surreal quality to some of its happenings, with its play on famous works of art and nymphs and minotaurs. I hadn’t had the delight of experiencing Tiffany Reisz’s work before so this was a first for me, First but will not be the last time now I have discovered the voice of this unique author. The Red’s Storyline is simple, Mona Lisa St James needs to save her late mother’s Art Gallery and she’s practically broke. Enter Malcolm her mysterious saviour who offers to pay Mona in very expensive art in return for carte-blanche when it comes to her body. whatever he wishes, he gets, once a month for a year, after that he will disappear from her life forever and Mona will have the means to save the gallery. The tale then takes us through every encounter, each one different, some more depraved than others but each encounter will make you squirm with its lack of modesty and the sheer corruption in Malcolm’s every action. I loved the way the story unfolded and I would say this was more of a delicious debasement than a romance, a debasement that our girl Mona embraced and welcomed wholeheartedly as The Red draws to its inevitable conclusion. It’s quite obvious to the reader that Malcolm has a hidden agenda which becomes more apparent to Mona as the story unfolds Quite frankly hidden agendas, in my opinion, are all well and good but honestly, I was just counting the seconds to Mona and Malcolm’s next session Take 1, Take 2 Take 3 could go on and on here sigh. Well anyway, I really enjoyed The Red and would happily recommend it to my fellow perverts all that’s left is for me to profusely thank the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced reader copy of this novel by Tiffany Reisz, this is an unbiased reflection of said novel.


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Release Date-May 16th 2017 Genre-Erotic Romance

Kindle Edition-277 pages

Some bad girls need a firm hand to keep them in line.
I’m bad enough to need two.

Two older men who can teach me a lesson when I misbehave. Two hot bodies to keep me warm in bed at night.

Two best friends who can learn to share a filthy-mouthed little brat like me.

After all… dirty girls need very dirty daddies.


Carrie Wells is nothing but trouble.

She’s wild and difficult. Not worth anyone’s time.

Carrie Wells is a beautiful little brat. She’s also a vulnerable young adult on my case list.

She’s half my age and totally off limits. I’m breaking every rule in the book by giving her somewhere to stay when she’s out on the streets with nowhere to go. And I’m breaking every rule of friendship by holing her up in my best friend Jack’s house while he’s away on business.

I thought life was difficult enough when I fell for the girl, but it gets a whole lot harder when Jack comes home early and finds a beautiful stranger causing chaos in his house.

And a whole lot harder still when he falls for her too.

He’s the one guy on this planet I’d share my last supper with. I’d share it gladly.

I’m just not so sure how I feel about sharing Carrie Wells.

Dirty Daddies by Jade West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Jade Wests work, she is one of the few authors that I find that can take the filthiest of subjects and spin it with a romantic twist. Now with a book title like Dirty Daddies, you would never really think in a million years that behind that name was a beautiful love story waiting to unfold. But that’s what this is, a tummy all a flutter, passionate, if rather kinky meeting of minds and also bodies, three to be precise. So the story goes That Callie just turning eighteen, is leaving the books of her support worker to make her way in the adult world. Callie of the filthy mouth and massive attitude. But behind that sassy facade lies a young girl who just wants to be loved. Best friends Michael and Jack are two such men, early forties, really should no better, but can’t help falling for the whirlwind that is Callie Wells. What follows is a love story though very unconventional works for these three lovers. What I liked about this story was the way the tale unfolded. This is no quick slap and tickle erotica, but a well thought out slow burning attraction. By the time our three unconventional lovers take the plunge so to speak, it’s so believable and very very hot, blistering in fact. I love the insecurity of the characters and the fact there all novices when it comes to this type of relationship.

I also adore the age-gap aspect, being in this type of partnership myself, and by that, I mean the age difference, not the multiple partners. I got it, not so much the daddy aspect of things that to me doesn’t float my boat, but the assertiveness and experience of an older man has an allure all of its own, I should know, I have been with my older fellow over twenty years.

So despite all the mine falls of inappropriateness littered through dirty daddies, Jade West has managed to explore and defuse all this in one fell sexy swoop, and in the process, she has given us an unusual but very believable love story. I can honestly say this has been my favourite so far of Jade Wests work perhaps because of the parallels to my own life, so thank you, Jade, you have produced another great story, way to go girly, keep them coming. Oh, and before I go a warning this book is extremely graphic and dirty. but it’s also sweet and romantic you have been warned.


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