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Release Date- 21st November 2017 Publisher-Kindle Press Genre-Dark Romance

Kindle Edition-312 pages

Once upon a time…

Recent college grad Emma Damon knows the Rose Room in Hartley Hall is off limits, which is exactly why she can’t wait to get inside. Once she enters the forbidden room, Emma learns more about the history of the museum than she ever intended to know.

Waking up confused and shocked in 1816, all Emma wants is to return to her cozy home with flushing toilets and disposable razors. But when she’s mistaken for someone else, Emma must pretend to be everything she’s not. About to be engaged to the Earl of Hartley’s brother, Emma fails miserably at playing the role of a sophisticated lady.

Hartley is determined to ensure that the quirky and adorable woman marries his brother – despite his ever-growing attraction to her. After loving and losing, he refuses to fall prey to the shackles of love. But as his desire for Emma increases, he knows he must forfeit his happiness for his brother’s future. After all, there’s no such thing as happily ever after.

Or is there?

Once Upon a Time Travel by Sariah Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I picked up Once Upon a Time Travel By Sariah Wilson as I fancied something light and fluffy and this certainly hit the spot. This is my first experience with a Sariah Wilson book and this definitely got a thumbs up from me. It was just what I needed, An easy read that put a big smile on my face. So first I just want to say I absolutely love time travel romances and couldn’t wait to get stuck into this one. “So Once Upon A Time Travel,” Tells the story of Emma Damon who while working at Hartley Hall manages to get herself transported through time to 1816 (200 years in the past to be precise). Here Emma gets mistaken for someone else entirely, an American lass by the name of Miss Emily Blythe. Seeing no other course of action Emma decides to pretend to be Miss Blythe Until she can work out how to return home. The only dilemma is Miss Blythe is about to be engaged to the earl of Hartley’s brother and Emma now must learn how to engage with polite society in this time period and help keep her true identity under wraps. To further confound things, Emma takes a massive shine to The Earl Of Hartley. The Earl himself has vowed never to marry, so pushes his feeling for Emma aside while in turn nudging her in his brother’s direction. So this story was lovely, it kept my interest, flowed brilliantly and also made me chuckle on numerous occasions. The two main characters Emma and Hartley were extremely likeable, though I did find Hartley a bit thick-headed at times particularly in regard to his ex-love Libby, who everyone but he could see what a huge golddigger the girl was. I loved all the secondary characters, especially aunt Charles that woman cracked me up. This was also a mainly clean read, Bar a couple of heated kisses this was PG rated all the way. So Once upon a time travel really does do what it says on the tin, its a feel good delightful fun read that I really loved. So now for my negatives and I really hate to do this as I really did enjoy this story very much, So here goes, first, I didn’t like the introduction of magic into the story, I think it was just put out there to help explain the time travelling nature of this tale, I don’t think it added much overall and I would have preferred it not to have entered the equation at all as this was such a lovely tale and it was managing just fine without its inclusion. That brings me to my second gripe the time travelling itself. I kept waiting for someone to explain how the dress with the note got into the closet, and waiting and waiting some more, I finally assumed Emma had put it there at some point but this was never actually clarified for me. Then there were a lot of things that came out of Emma’s mouth that I felt people in the 1800’s would have been much more shocked by, she didn’t have a filter, I myself found her extremely amusing but I felt The aristocracy of the nineteenth century would have been outraged. My final issue was When the real Miss Emily Blythe reared her little head. It was brushed away so easily and I found the events just a little convenient and a trifle unbelievable in their content. So, Now that nasty business is over with, let me just say that this was such an entertaining read. I found Once Upon a time travel very amusing and I would so recommend this to others no issue. So lastly just want to say thank you to NetGalley and the author for providing me with an ARC

This is my own unbiased and honest opinion.