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Taken by the Enemy by Jennifer Bene

Release Date-March 25th 2016
Genre-Dystopian BDSM
Publisher-Blushing Books Publications
Kindle Edition-354 pages

Emmie had spent her life pampered, sheltered, and mostly unaware of just how bad things were inside and outside of the city that she called home – but when reality comes knocking, Emmie must choose between staying and suffering, or running and breaking a promise that could break her heart.

After fleeing the city in the dead of night, Emmie expected the hazards of the forest, but she never thought she would run into real danger or be brutally taken by one of the raiders who had been banished outside the walls. She never thought she would be tied up and forced to submit to their rules, and she never planned to find herself kneeling before their leader – no matter how gorgeous he was.

Lucian had spent most of his adult life figuring out how to protect those banished by the corrupt men inside the city, but when he meets Emmie, he doesn’t just want to keep her safe, he wants to claim her – body and soul. But once he does, and she despises him for it, how can he possibly show her what life can be like when she’s really and truly free, and how can he show her that a good life might be possible with him?

In ‘Taken by the Enemy’ readers are taken on a dark journey of discovery where the truths that Emmie has held close since she was a child are turned inside out, and she discovers that the enemy she’s been raised to fear may just be her salvation. Will she be able to bend to Lucian’s demands for obedience, and the harsh ways in which he enforces them, so she can discover a world where real peace is possible? Or will she turn away from the people who can save them all just to protect her heart?

Taken by the EnemyTaken by the Enemy by Jennifer Bene

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


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“Taken by the enemy” by Jennifer Bene,
Well, I suppose I better start with the good points I have for this before I mention my peeves, it’s only fair. So I got this as a freebie which is always a bonus, so a big thank you for that it’s always appreciated.
Also, I just want to mention that it wasn’t the overall writing with this that made me mark this down, this was surprisingly good.
It was more the writing content itself which I found its content very rapey indeed.
Now just to clarify, I read a lot of dub-con and even non-con and I’m fine with that.
I really love my dark fiction but I think what I struggled with here was the total oppression of the female population.
I felt like I’d been dropped into a totally alternate reality where men are gods with the power to do what they please a male utopia outside the walls of the city. And the poor woman well they obviously didn’t get the memo to steer clear.
Think this just about sums it up in a nutshell.

 photo images 2_zpsa2qjyus5.jpg

everyone in that village is totally batshit crazy.
Even the woman for as soon as there mated there all A-OK with all the punishments and lessons that their fellow sisters now need to conform with. very short memories indeed.


So to give you a brief lowdown of events we have Emmie, who runs from the city, is chased by a boar and rescued by Lucien and his fellow hunters.
She then is yanked from the tree by Lucian where she proceeds to smack him in the face and leg it.
Upon being caught, Lucian punishes His little bird as he as nicknamed her.
By you’ve guessed it spanking and raping her.
He’s shocked she’s a virgin like it would somehow be okay if she wasn’t.
He then drops her off at the stable where the free woman are kept but leaves orders she is not to be touched.

You still with me.
Well, this story is filled with more of the same joy throughout, from naked floggings to everyone must earn there place little bird.(on there back presumably)
Then the whole story went completely to hell in a handbasket as Emmie ends up back in the city with yet more awful things happening to her.
Now, to be honest with you, I couldn’t really abide her she was a bit stupid, and you’d think she’d learn to shut her trap, all it did was constantly get her into trouble, but the poor girl really couldn’t seem to catch a break at all.
Its no wonder she decided she want’s Lucien as he was the lesser of all evils in every scenario.
Now I’ve skipped over a lot of this but just be aware there is a lot of Non-Con in this like loads, just so you know.
Besides the awful subject matter, this was actually well written, that is the reason I have given it two stars.
I also don’t like to not finish books if I can help it, so I did finish this and it was just an ok read.
but that’s just me, you might like it more.
So If you’re just looking for some escapist fiction in this sort of genre well enjoy, I’ve read a lot worst.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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