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Saved by D.D. Prince

Release Date-August 23rd 2017
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition-439 pages

Holly has been kept ‘safe’, untouched, and segregated within a sex slave training center for 2 years. But when she has to jump from a burning building into the arms of the mysterious and handsome master of the house, it’s a catalyst for big change. Holly, no longer happy to be blissfully ignorant, starts to play with sexual fire. How badly is she about to get burnt?

This story is for the readers who like to spend time in the dark.
With the anti-heroes.
The damaged ones who don’t think they can be redeemed.
This book is for you.
And for them.

I saved her from a fate many would believe was worse than death. But, I’m no hero. Far from it.
I’m saving her for myself, which might be an even worse fate.

He’s dark. He’s dangerous. He’s the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about him says villain but I can’t help but think that maybe there’s a hero deep inside.

He’s kept me apart from the others for a long time. No one is allowed to touch me. Few are allowed to even set eyes on me.
I arrived here just before my sixteenth birthday. But soon, I won’t be a little girl any more.
How much longer will I be safe? And is safety all that matters?

A dark romance. Dominator series spin-off but can be read as a standalone.
(For the full optimal reading experience, consider reading the Dominator box set)

Potential triggers. Human Trafficking. Dub/Non-Consent.

SavedSaved by D.D. Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS.
So I really enjoyed Saved by D.D. Prince, in fact, I stayed up all night finishing this as I was that invested in where this was going.
Now This is a tale I’ve been waiting for, for quite a while.
We have had teasing glimpses from previous books set in this world, just to whet our appetites, but this was the main course,so to speak.
A complete downslide into the dark and dangerous world of Alessandro Romero and the murky depths of his depraved lifestyle.
So briefly “saved” recaps the story of Holly’s arrival at Alessandro’s compound and her subsequent imprisonment at his hands.
It shows how she becomes the latest obsession to the very damaged dark man who resides here.
At first, maybe just being a beacon of light in the dark to him, and then later an actual visual reminder of just how stained his hands really are.
But so soon, she becomes so much more, a decedent temptation that he can just no longer resist.
Tick Tock Holly that clock is ticking down to that all-important birthday.

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To me, she is the one untainted thing that exists in my world. My world is filthy, black, evil and I’m a big part of the reason for that. But Holly? She’s clean, pure; she’s light. I’m night; she’s day. And it’s only a matter of time before I lose my loose hold on control and turn her to nothing but charred remnants of what she was.

While nosing around, I have noticed a few reviews that have some issues with Hollys personality and attitude and while I appreciate there take I’m going to approach this from the opposite camp and try to articulate why I felt that mindset was what was needed from Holly to achieve a fully functioning relationship with what was the really fucked up Alessandro Romero.
So First, we have Holly’s age, She’s still so young and then her background also works against her, so just where was she going to go if she escaped, Holly’s choices were extremely limited in nature, she has no idea where her sister is and her mothers a waste of breath total dead-beat.
So she has just accepted her situation in some ways like a cosseted child.
It’s not so bad and could be worse is her mindset.
From listening to her inner musings it’s quite apparent to me that Holly has never been the confrontational type letting others like her sister just arrange things around her.
And she complied here, just as she’s been doing all her life.
Holly is essentially at heart a follower and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Second Alessandro was so fucked up in his interactions with Holly that even the tiniest little thing acted as a trigger to him, Imagine if Holly was more an in your face screaming harpy and think where that could have gone.
I really don’t think it would have been pretty at all, and I certainly wouldnt want to put it to the test for real.
And yes initially I do believe Holly was probably suffering from a touch of Stockholm.
but She kind of burrowed under Alessandro’s skin catching him unaware with her brand of sweetness and acceptance which is ultimately what he needed someone so pure that they could attempt to wash clean the blackest of his sins.
I also think this softly softly was the sneaky backdoor stealth approach needed.
And Alessandro’s sins are very black indeed, not surprising considering his background.
I actually think out of all of DD Prince’s boys in this world, Alessandro’s soul holds the darkest stains of them all.
He was not a good man then, and he is not a good man now, treating poor Holly like dirt and then at other times giving her a glimpse into someone so different.
In my opinion, it’s because he doesn’t want to accept this weakness he feels for her so he self-projects, Blaming poor Holly for his own limitations.
So it’s safe to say Alessandro himself is a complete and utter bastard
his behaviour itself is in no way excusable at all, but considering what he has done in his past very understandable to me.
He has done some really evil shit that he now has to learn to live with, especially now with his distant past catching up with his present.
But bearing in mind the sadistic crime family he comes from I would be much more surprised if he was lily white and all super caring, totally unrealistic indeed.
I will say this, that I thought Holly was a complete and utter saint to deal with Alessandro’s brand of crazy and fucked up behaviour towards herself without screaming for her bad-ass brother in laws to come rescue her.
This shows that she is actually stronger than she appears.
Able to deal in the real world.
Maybe her actions could be seen slightly as those of a doormat, I suppose its really all in your interpretation.
Mine was that she was just an unloved vulnerable young girl who wanted to save the world and also believe the best in people, so Yes there probably was a big dash of Stockholm mixed in with her love, but do I really care?
Nah, I loved this fucked up story anyway.
I loved the angst of the unexpected this tale brought it came complete with a tortured anti-hero who just wants redemption in any form he can get and most especially I adored catching up with all the Ferraro’s too, that really was the cherry on the top.
This was a definite hit for me and I would highly recommend if you like your fiction dark.
So just Before I go a trigger warning this book does contain Dub-Con and Non-Con just a heads up so you are aware.

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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