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Lincoln Hospital (Trauma #1) by Cassia Brightmore

Release Date-April 18th 2016
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-178 pages

On the twenty-third day—he hunts, bringing the scum of the earth to justice; his justice. Ending up as a patient on Dr. O’Reilly’s table could either save your life or end it in the most horrific way.

New York City. The infamous city that never sleeps; the place where dreams either shine brightly or shatter into razor sharp pieces of metal. For Dr. Cian O’Reilly, it’s the perfect city to disguise his dark alter ego. As a top surgeon at Lincoln Hospital, he has access to resources far beyond the reach of the average person; the ideal cover for his double life. By day, he’s the epitome of professionalism. By night, the facade is stripped away and his true depraved self is revealed.

When Dr. Athena Payne joins the roster as a new surgical intern, Cian’s carefully constructed life is thrown into turmoil. With her sunny smile and wide-eyed innocence, she threatens to break through his iron-like exterior, exposing the man beneath. Following her dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, her internship at Lincoln Hospital is the first step in achieving her goals. Something about the dark air of mystery that surrounds her new boss, Dr. Cian O’Reilly, leaves Athena questioning just what it is that the good doctor is hiding.

A killer on the loose. A doctor wielding a deadly blade. An intern caught in the midst of first love and a lethal web of murder.

Lincoln Hospital. Where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violence and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Lincoln Hospital (Trauma, #1)Lincoln Hospital by Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Lincoln Hospital (Trauma, #1) by Cassia Brightmore what did I think, well I loved this, of Course.
I’ve always been a sucker for a tormented A-hole of a hero and Dr Cian O’Reilly has the dick factor in spades, so this book had me by the short and curlies from the get-go.
So the premise of this book is that that Dr Cian has taken upon himself the task of bringing to justice those deserving of his less tender care.
So By day, he saves lives as a top surgeon and by night, with his carefully selected team he delivers his own brand of sweet justice, ridding the streets of scum.
So yeh in some ways, Cian did remind me a bit of Dexter, they have the same goals just differing reasons for what they do.but Cian has defiantly got the shittier attitude of the two.
So Dr Athena Payne joins the hospital as a new intern and from day one spark fly between these two. But Cian is struggling with what he wants, (Athena) and he tries really hard to push her away behaving like a real SOB to her Can’t believe how hot and cold he was blowing with her, shame on you Cian, not nice.
Now I don’t want to really give too much away, so I’m just gonna list what I thought Lincoln Hospital’s weak points were, and bare in mind this is just my own personal observation’s.

I would have liked to see more of a development in the romance department, Cian and Athena went from Zero to I Love you in ten seconds flat, as much as I love these two instalove just isn’t my thing.
I thought the kidnapping serial killers was a bit out of place, It felt clunky like it was thrown into the mix just for drama. didn’t quite get this addition at all.
Also when Cian comes clean to Athena, it was so anticlimactic, I really expected much more from this.

despite the above points, this was a good engaging read that I raced through. It had well-developed characters and an easy reading style that flows.
It also had another major plus factor in its favour, A big fat twist at the end that I so didn’t see coming, now that was a shocker, well done Cassia,
I am so ready now to read Flatline (Trauma, #2).
There’s No way I can’t not read it now after that big ruddy expose, I’m still somewhat in shock.

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