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The Eighth House: Hades & Persephone (Flames of Olympos #1) by Eris Adderly

Release Date-September 22nd 2017
Genre-Dark Fantasy Romance
Kindle edition-278 pages

Catch me, Darkness. Again and again. The life of a virgin goddess might suit Artemis or Athena, but Persephone, daughter of Zeus, wants no part of it. While the rest of the immortals cavort, she grows restless in the shadow of Olympos.

Rules, rules. Always the rules. Her mother’s edict forbids her the company of any male god. She can’t speak to them, can’t look at them. Can’t even attend the Olympian feasts. As far as Demeter knows, her daughter remains a maiden.

But Persephone leads a double life. She finds her affection elsewhere, and in plentiful supply. If only the sons of Man made her happy. If only she could put a name to this need she feels. It grows by the day, dark and unfulfilled. An eternity of enforced loneliness looms, and Persephone contemplates a drastic choice to escape it.

Only one thing stands in her way.


Where earthquakes rend hill and vale asunder, and the abyss yawns to devour falling screams, the black halls of the Underworld await. The Lord of the Dead follows only one set of rules: his own.

And he expects Persephone to obey.

Eris Adderly draws you into a spectacular world of dark mythology, where legends bloom with sensual new life and the stories you thought you knew turn out to be just the beginning.

This scorching hot romance takes the reader on a journey of discovery and submission, including graphic descriptions of sexual acts, and is intended for mature readers only.

The Eighth House: Hades & Persephone (Flames of Olympos Book 1)The Eighth House: Hades & Persephone by Eris Adderly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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🌟🌟🌟🌟Satisfying Stars
I Picked this up after an author I love recommended this on Facebook, this was a win-win for me as my second major love (Books being my first of course) is history and mythology, so I really couldn’t wait to get stuck into this story.
So Initially I didn’t think we were going to gel at all, the writing style used here is so very different to what I’m used to, not sure how to explain it but it’s like its got a more formal feel to it.
But I really didn’t need to worry as a couple of chapters in I got used to the style and was soon majorly engrossed and in love with The Eighth House: Hades & Persephone by Eris Adderly.
I should also probably mention that I have a major soft spot for anything underworld related, It must be my attraction to the ultimate bad boys and the king of the underworld certainly ticks all the criteria for that scenario.
So everyone roughly knows the story of Hades and Persephone, well Eris Adderly has taken this mythical tale of old and put her own erotic slant to it and it does actually work.
No matter I have heard it before The Eighth House felt fresh, giving us a new slant to this popular myth.
Even knowing the ending before-hand didn’t take anything away from this experience I was still enthralled throughout, reading this in record time.
Having The rich tapestry of the gods as a background was one of my favourite aspects of this, not only was I reading a Stella book, I also got to immerse myself in such fascinating surroundings and learn a bit of culture along the way.
This seems to be the first book in a new series and I will definitely be checking out the next offering, will be interesting to see where this goes next.
So, in conclusion, The Eighth House is well written, it’s also very obvious that a major amount of research has gone on here regarding the gods, so well done there I’m suitably impressed Eris.
It also kept my attention throughout and I would definitely recommend this to other readers.
So if you like a bit of mythology with your fiction give this a try.

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