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Stolen (Alpha’s Control #1) by Addison Cain

Release Date-September 26th 2017
Publisher-Blushing Books Publications
Genre-Dystopian Dark Romance
Kindle edition-146 pages

He stole her off the streets in broad daylight—the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations. He took her with violence while none intervened. He broke her, swearing he’d put her back together.

Brenya Perin was ordered to submit.

Bernard Dome is the jewel of Europe, a bastion of art and culture, pleasure and decadence. But life in the city depends on the occupation chosen for you at birth. There is no subversion, no question of who rules. There is no freedom.

Peace has a price, a price the Commodore of Bernard Dome is willing to pay… so long as the Omega remains his.
Shepherd’s influence is on the rise. His machinations are subtle, his hands full tending to his recovering mate. Her safety is his priority, and something he’s willing to risk war to assure. Bernard Dome has what he wants, and they will all be dammed if they deny him.

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Control series, is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Stolen (Alpha’s Control, #1)Stolen by Addison Cain

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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OH, MY GOD!!!!!
A Massive five Stars from moi!!!
What a read this was, still wrapping my head around it but the verdict is I absolutely adored Addison Cain’s new book Stolen (Alpha’s Control, #1).
So where shall I start, Let’s start with our New Alpha Mate Jaques, Commodore of Bernard Dome and all round assole!!!
I bloody hate him HATE HATE HATE!!!! he is an obnoxious, selfish, egotistical douche.
at least with Shepherd, I could find some initial quality’s that eventually could be redeemable, Here I just want to bitch slap Jaques, like really really hard !!!

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So a brief description of Stolen is we have Brenya Perin, Beta grunt in Bernard Dome recently discovered only actual known Omega under this Dome.
Brenya is stolen off the streets by Jaques An alpha and Commodore.
Made to submit, Brenya’s every move is controlled and watched her only purpose in her new life is to serve her new Alpha master, however, he decides.
Problem is Jaques is a Dick GRRR
Not sure how Addison is going to redeem this big jerk but will definitely be interesting to watch.
I had so much trouble with wanting poor Brenya to accept the mate bond, as I felt like screaming NO!!! you tell him where to get off girl, he’s a big doofus Jerk.
Brenya herself, well the way life is constructed under this particular dome you are born to your station, Brenya, as a lowly grunt has had her food and lifestyle, conditioned to leave her compliant, obedient and unremarkable.
Becoming omega changes that and Brenya gets to see the corruption and selfishness that thrives at the top of the food chain as she slowly changes and becomes aware of the real agenda flowing beneath the surface of Bernard Dome.
The world building In Stolen was as usual fantastic, you can actually picture it in your head and although beneath a different dome the parallels in corruption are so visible, just as they were in Tholos, it’s just under a different regime, the masses are still kept subservient and in the dark, controlled from the top, but in Bernard Dome the lowly beta masses seem more like puppets almost slavelike.
The relationship between our Alpha and Omega eventually comes to a head in a shocking mate bond that made me grit my teeth and seethe NO!!!
I so didn’t like where Stolen eventually took us, but I really didn’t see it coming, so bravo Addison.
it Still peed me off though and I am so mega sulking here.
I have absolutely no idea how Jaques is going to bounce back now, but I’m assuming he will, I will be watching and waiting eagerly with bated breathe for this seemingly impossible event.
front row tickets for sure.

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We also get to revisit Shepherd and Claire again, finding out what happened after the end of Reborn, I so needed this closure.I was jumping with anticipation here, so so excited.

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I’m not really going to say that much about these two just how great it was to catch up and continue with there beautifully tragic tale.
It was amazing to see the love and care, especially on shepherds part as he tries to help and heal his broken mate.
truly captivating I was mesmerized.

and this is where I will leave you, some of stolen is not easy reading, and I will warn you it is very graphic in places, with dubious consent throughout, this is dark fiction at its best if you are easily offended it’s probably best to give this a miss.
Me I loved every word and devoured Stolen.
If you have read Addison Cain before you will already have an idea of what to expect so happy reading, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.
Thank you To the Author for providing me with an ARC of Stolen (Alpha’s Control, #1) this is my own honest unbiased opinion.

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