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Here and Gone by Haylen Beck

Release Date-August 10th 2017
Publisher-Random House UK, Vintage Publishing
Genre- Mystery & Thriller
Kindle Edition-320 pages

Here and Gone is a gripping, wonderfully tense suspense thriller about a mother’s desperate fight to recover her stolen children from corrupt authorities.

It begins with a woman fleeing through Arizona with her kids in tow, trying to escape an abusive marriage. When she’s pulled over by an unsettling local sheriff, things soon go awry and she is taken into custody. Only when she gets to the station, her kids are gone. And then the cops start saying they never saw any kids with her, that if they’re gone than she must have done something with them…

Meanwhile, halfway across the country a man hears the frenzied news reports about the missing kids, which are eerily similar to events in his own past. As the clock ticks down on the search for the lost children, he too is drawn into the desperate fight for their return.

Here and GoneHere and Gone by Haylen Beck

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 Stars
Oh wow, this was one amazing read and the only reason I have taken half a star away is that I would have preferred a bit more closure in regards to Danny’s story.
I felt so emotionally invested in this poor man’s tragic tale and really wanted some answers for myself as well as for Danny, (a whole lot more than what was provided second hand anyway), it all just felt really abrupt in the way it ended and it felt very unsatisfying and rushed, or maybe that’s just me.
So back to the main event and a story that grabbed you by the throat the instant you open this spellbinding piece of fiction.
So we have Audra Kinney and her two young children Sean and Louise on the road escaping Audra’s wealthy abusive husband Patrick.
Upon being pulled over on a bogus traffic offence, Audra is cuffed and taken to the local backwater police station on trumped-up charges.
The kids are escorted by the deputy too and I quote
“somewhere safe”.
When Audra asks about her kids later, at the station, the answer she receives is
“What Kids?”.
This is where Our story really starts as Audra gets to experience every parent’s worst nightmare.
Two missing children and not a single person who will listen to her because of her past combined with her sheer unbelievable tale.
Audra is banging her head against a brick wall.

 photo banging-head-against-brick-wall_zps7petpge4.jpg

That is until Danny sees her story and recognises similarities to his own.
This was so good and Here And Gone was permanently attached to my hand until the final words were broached.
despite being quite predictable in the direction this was going it really didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment this story brought.
No-one person except maybe the children was completely good or bad, you could find something redeemable in most all of them except perhaps the sheriff, he seemed completely unredeemable with no recoverable qualities at all.
he’s definitely going to hell in a handbasket.

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I think out of the whole book my favourites were Danny and Sean.
Danny, well as I said above needs more closure than what he was awarded in this, maybe even his own book.
Yay I would so be on that,
he was a person who made no apologies for his actions and lived by his own rules, loved the man.
And Sean for an eleven-year-old was quite the fellow, I think shaped by his past he had grown up way faster than his peers.
This made it so much easier for him to step up to the mark in regards to protecting his little sister Louise.
Here and Gone was so rich in diverse interesting characters, each one leaving a big impression on me all in a different kind of way.
So in regards to recommending, this well that’s a big hell yeah from me.
Pick this up, you so won’t regret it this is up there with my favourite reads of this year.
A real heart stopper of a book is Here And Gone.
Thank You to NetGalley, Random House Vintage and Haylen Beck for providing me with an advance reader copy this is my own unbiased honest opinion.

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