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Blood Oath-Episode 2 by D.S. Wrights

Release Date- July 1st 2017
Genre- Dark Romance
Kindle edition

Charlotte’s and Matt’s chemistry is still undeniable the next morning. As they grow closer, their unspoken secrets seem to already cast their shadows over the beginning of their relationship. Since August 15th is coming closer and Charlotte needs to prepare for her next kill, and Matt’s instincts seem to lead him closer to the serial killer he is hunting.

This book is not suitable for minors and the faint-hearted, due to violence, murder, and explicit content!

Blood is a novella series of three seasons with six episodes each, which will be monthly published.

Episode 1: Curse (May 19th 2017)
Episode 2: Oath (July 1st 2017)
Episode 3: (August 17th 2017)
Episode 4: (September 17th 2017)
Episode 5: (October 17th 2017)
Episode 6: (November 17th 2017)

Blood: Episode 2 - Oath (Blood, 1B)Blood: Episode 2 – Oath by D.S. Wrights

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm

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🌟🌟🌟1/2 Stars
So this is episode Two of Blood Oath by D.S. Wrights and I enjoyed it so much more than episode one.
So again I will say that I love the concept of a female serial killer it is such a unique idea and this is what initially drew me to this story.
I think my main issue with this book is that I dislike how it is broken down into novella episodes, just as I became invested in the storyline it ended, I myself found this a trifle irritating, it may not bother you at all.
So episode two begins where one left off, its the morning after their shared passion.
We get to spend some time inside Matt and Charlottes head learning a lot more about what makes them tick.

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We then get to follow them as they continue their day, Matt still looking for a killer and Charlotte knowing she is playing with fire.

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That’s it really, this really is a brief read, but Although This story is quite short it is well written, the writing flows and it is an interesting but short read.
I think I will now wait until all episodes are released before finishing this story as this would probably be a better fit for moi.
Thank you to the author for providing me with a free copy of Blood Curse Part two this is my own honest unbiased opinion.

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