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Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

Release Date-September 27th 2017
Genre-Contemporary Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-372 pages

Just because Kate ‘Middleton’ McGrath, wants a man to call ‘daddy’ in bed doesn’t mean—
Oh, you stopped reading. Cool.
Kate gets it. Kinks aren’t for everyone. Hell, they’re probably not for Mr. Henderson, her grumpaholic boss. She really shouldn’t have crush on him, but the man is just so goddamn stern. Sure, a lot of that comes down to ‘being her boss,’ but still, it feels like there might be something there.
Tyler Henderson is a golden boy who’s lost his shine. He’s old, his dream career is over, his fiancée’s left him. Now all the former firefighter can do is try and bury his troubles in paperwork and hard liquor. He says ‘try’ because he can’t get Middleton out of his head long enough to wallow properly. He’s not going anywhere near the girl. HR issues aside, he’s done with sweetness and things don’t come sweeter than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats.
A case of mistaken identity causes Kate and Ty’s attraction to give way to blistering sex. They have more in common—and more to lose—than either of them realized. When it comes to unreasonable attraction you can rarely change your mind but can you act your age?

Act Your AgeAct Your Age by Eve Dangerfield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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you know five-star books are like buses there’s none for a while then two come along at once and this is how I felt about Act Your Age By Eve Dangerfield.
I really Adored this story, not that I have a daddy fetish, I just absolutely love age gap romances and if you’re not hurting anyone, whatever floats your boat is what I say.
Whats one persons eww is another’s aww.
I myself have been with my partner for twenty-two years we have four boys and with a twenty year age gap it really can work, I am living proof of that, and yes originally he thought he was too old for me too sweet.
So you can see why I devoured Act your Age It Was sexy and hot but also unbelievably sweet, you could feel the emotion rebounding off the page and I fell in love with both Tyler and kate.
I was rooting for these two flawed individuals all the way, like a one-woman cheer team.


So a brief description of Act your age is we have Kate ‘Middleton’ McGrath she is twenty-five and has a massive crush on her grumpy bad tempered boss, she also has a bit of a taboo fetish she wants someone to call daddy in the bedroom.
Enter Tyler Henderson Kate’s boss, ex-firefighter, dumped by his fiancee, feels his life is on the skids, forty-five and feeling sorry for himself, he’s also a massive grouch, well to kate anyway.
Well, what starts as a purely physical endeavour between two consenting adults with a certain kinky itch to scratch, quickly escalates to what neither party ever expected.
So phew the heat factor between these two is off the hook, a case of spontaneous combustion.
There really wasn’t a thing I disliked about act your age it ticked every single one of my boxes and more.

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I also adored All Kate/Princess Bleach’s Roller derby buddies, I thought they were a great comic addition to this tale.
Rapunzel was a firm fave from me so funny, I especially loved how she referred to Tyler as Dexter.
That had me chuckling away.
Even Maria, when I could work out her vibe had her place here.
Really fabulous character and world building.
That’s another thing I really liked about this book it seemed real, it wasn’t easy and brushed under the carpet there were big obstacles just as you would experience in real time.
Act your Age was so much more than a bit of kinky fiction it had a very deep vibe to it.
There were all sorts of issues running beneath the surface that pulled this for me into another league.
These two lovers laid bare all their vulnerabilities and came with an immense amount of baggage.
This made you feel oh so much closer to their story in all its glory.
And finally, if you are put off by the daddy vibe, don’t be this was a beautifully told love story and it didn’t feel icky at all.
In fact, it was very romantic in places and the emotion felt so real.
Give it a chance you might surprise yourself
So If you’re looking for a read that will get you all hot and bothered but also make you go awww
This is the story for you just make sure you’ve got a cold shower ready for aftercare.

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Thank you to the Author for providing me with an ARC of Act Your Age. This is my own honest unbiased opinion.

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