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Wild Embrace (Wild Arizona #3) by Cassie Edwards

Release Date-June 27th 2017
Genre-Historical Romance
Kindle Edition-384 pages

Exqusite, flame-haired Elizabeth Easton thought Seattle a raw, rough frontier harbor after her elegant upbringing in San Francisco. But she discovers what the real wilderness is when the noble Indian brave, Strong Heart, forces her to go with him in a flight back to his Suquamish people. Here, deep in the breathtaking forests of the great pacific Northwest, Stong Heart is free from intolerant injustice. Here Elizabeth is free of the smothering control of her ambitious businessman father. Here both of them are free of all the pride and prejudice that kept them apart in the white world…as this superbly handsome, strong, and sensitive man becomes her guide on passion’s path to unfettered joy…and she stands beside him to defy all that seeks to end a love that will not be denied….

Wild Embrace (The Wild Series)Wild Embrace by Cassie Edwards

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Wild Embrace By Cassie Edwards does what it says on the tin, it’s a romantic, flowery romance with what is in my opinion not very bright characters.
Now this book left me rather nostalgic as I have read Many Miss Edwards and other authors like her in my younger days and I can honestly say at the time I really enjoyed them.
I suppose over the years my reading tastes have changed a bit.
which doesn’t make this a bad book, just something I have outgrown.
So to summarise we have flame-haired Elizabeth Easton who moves to Seattle with her father from san-Francisco here she meets the Indian Brave, Strong Heart of the Suquamish people.
After Elizabeth is taken captive by Strong-heart the two fall for each other rather quickly in my opinion.
Now there is a lot of side stories going on to try to keep this interesting, but I felt this were just background noise and there was too much occurring, it seemed to be disaster after disaster.
Some of the decisions our two lovers make are just plain idiotic and I found myself shaking my head at the sheer stupidity of some of their actions.
Anyway, it all comes down to taste if you like your romance soppy with dramatic declarations of love then Wild Embrace is just the book for you.
If you like something a bit more gritty then give it a pass.
This was an ok read that I probably would have appreciated more a few years back.
Lastly just would like to say the book cover for this novel is superb, really caught my eye.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free readers copy of Wild Embrace By Cassie Edwards. This is my own personal opinion of this novel.

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