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Unbound (Bound and Bared #1) by Christine Monroe

Release Date-April 20th 2016
Genre-Dark contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-324 pages

I have rules, rules I expected to be followed. Then I met her, and I was willing to break every one. I was King, then I fell.

I arrived on the devils doorstep, seeking a miracle, not for myself, but for the ones I loved. He was my last hope, the ruthless king of Bound and Bared, his touch set me on fire, I should have known. I was a fool, when you fall for the devil, expect to get burned.

Val Knight: Owner of Bound and Bared. A man with secrets. His past filled with nightmares. His present ruled by control. His future- he didn’t have one, not until her.

Miranda Price: A desperate woman with nothing to lose. A woman who had only one thing to sell- herself. Her body a bargaining chip in the race to save the ones she loved. Her mind haunted by ghosts. Her heart had given up. Then she met him.

Secrets keep better in the dark. Welcome to the club

Unbound (Bound and Bared #1)Unbound by Christine Monroe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟1/2 Sexy Stars

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So as I understand Christine Monroe is a new author and Unbound (Bound & Bared #1) is her first book baby. So high five to that girlfriend.

 photo images_zps7dilfcix.jpg

So right down to the nitty gritty, this was an excellent first novel and I enjoyed Unbound very much.
I did have a few slight issues that dragged this down a bit for me, corrected well the only way is up.
So first a warning this story deals with some disturbing subject matter. If rape and abuse are potential triggers for you it’s probably best to give Unbound a wide berth.
I found this disturbing and I don’t have this issue so you have been fair warned.
Unbound deals with the story of Miranda Price and Val Knight, (love the name such a play on what he is to Miranda Her Knight).
Two damaged individuals, both trying to just deal and survive.
Miranda Price is looking for a saviour hence going to Val, and well val is not looking for anything really just to be in control of his own life.
Now I don’t want to give away the whole plot so I will just give my impressions on unbound and what I loved, followed by what I thought needed a bit of tweaking.
Here goes,
The storyline was one that kept my attention it had enough to keep things moving along nicely without leaving me bored, it ticked all my boxes and was a great addition to the dark genre.
Unbound also had great fleshed out secondary characters, I adored Thorn and Selena, the impressions they gave really invested me in the characters futures. I want to know so much more about them.
There was also lots of sizzling hot interactions between Miranda and V, fanning myself here.

 photo tumblr_myg6ubMrnV1rbfceqo2_500_zpstdmy9bku.gif

Phew! These two seriously need to get a room or a whole house he he.
now the bits that I struggled with,
Would have liked a bit more of a back story with Miranda and Val, just to get a bit more of a feel for and connection with them and what has made them, I still don’t really know exactly what has happened, know I could make an educated guess.
also I found some of the flow of unbound for me felt a bit disjointed and I found myself re-reading parts and still being none the wiser,
I also struggled a bit with the jumping from head to head I would have preferred if Miranda and Vals POV could have alternated chapters instead of skipping so much.
So, in a nutshell, this is an unpolished gem that was a great start to a new series.
I am very much looking forward to seeing where the author will go with this.
The relationship for me between V and Miranda was very sweet a bit kinky, not that dark at all so don’t let this put you off. the darkness for me was more about the abuse and rape and passed events for both our pair. Together these two could give you a toothache.
Thank you to The author Christine Monroe who provided me with a free readers copy Of Unbound this is my own unbiased personal opinion.

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