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Torrid (Sordid #2) by Nikki Sloane

Release Date-June 15th 2017
Genre-Dark mafia romance
Kindle Edition-311 pages

Vasilije Markovic is the prince of the Serbian mafia and one of the most powerful men in Chicago. His smile may be razor sharp, but he’s crueler than the devil.

I’m playing a dangerous game and betting my life I’m going to win. I pretend to be his pawn. I do as he says and move where he tells me, letting him think he’s in control as I position myself for revenge.

Every turn brings us closer. His grin doesn’t seem as evil when we’re alone. Behind closed doors, I welcome his unrelenting and vicious personality. He’s confessed all his secrets, but I’m holding one back and it’s a game changer.

If I survive the board, this pawn turns into a queen. I become the most powerful player and send all the other pieces running. To get what I want, I must make sacrifices, but am I willing to draw the line at him?

Torrid (Sordid, #2)Torrid by Nikki Sloane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Torrid By Nikki Sloane is a hold on to your pants type of ride.
It’s the sort of story that once you start reading your racing to the finish line, it’s that good.
So where to start, Well first we have Vasilije Markovic, second in line to his uncle and part of the Serbian Mafia.
Vasilije is a cold foul-mouthed, vicious twenty-four-year-old man. What he wants he gets and he wants Oksana his Russian plaything.
Oksana has been sent in undercover by her father, head of the Russian mafia. She is the illegitimate daughter of Sergey.
But Our girl has a plan to double-cross her father and get Vasilije on board, let’s just hope she doesn’t manage to get herself offed in the process.
Oksana is not like most girls she has a dark side that seems to feed Vasilije’s lust for her.
These two damaged individuals fit together like a jigsaw, each one seeming to need the validation of their mirror to feel whole.
From the start of this journey, I was invested in our twosome and I adored the way Vasilije tortured Oksana with his unique brand of foreplay, talk about a panty warmer.
The way our girl reeled him in and even surprised herself on how she got off on Vasilije’s rough bedroom antics.
I think for the first time Vasilije feels accepted and wanted for who he is, the way she just takes what he dishes out and then asks for more is such a big turn on for him, and also a first.
Obviously, there a lot more than sex going on here and even though this is not a romantic soppy read, Torrid implies so much emotion through what isn’t said and with Oksana’s beautifully haunting music that she pours herself into well, let’s just say sometimes the words are just not really needed, it just is what it is.
So With Mafia business going on behind the scenes, and secrets being kept, there is never a dull moment in this novel, it really does keep you on your toes.
So I found this a really easy read, Torrid ticked every one of my boxes and more.
The story flowed brilliantly keeping me the reader engrossed and invested,
It was so satisfying to see certain characters get their just desserts.
What was even more phenomenal was seeing these two find their own version of a HEA.
Checkmate!!!! the queen got her king.
I would like to say thank you so much to the author Nikki Sloane for generously providing me with an ARC of Torrid, this is my own personal opinion on this book.

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