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The Two-Night One-Night Wedding (The Two-Night One-Night Series #2)

Release date-May 22nd 2017
Genre-Romantic Comedy
Kindle Edition-252 pages

A girl. A guy. And a wedding.

Matthew Daniels and Holly Martin had a one-night stand, TWICE and love prevailed. Once Matthew proposes, the hard part is over. The rest is a piece of WEDDING cake. There’s nothing to stress over now.

However, budgets, a bitter best friend, enormous amounts of family time and an unexpected change of address may say otherwise.

Thank God for Fireball.

Matthew is super weird and accident prone, add extreme to that mix and you’ve got Holly. These two over the top, adorkable weirdos are destined for each other, a perfect match.

But does EVERYONE see it that way?

The true test to knowing whether you’re ready to take the plunge is surviving the engagement.

Will Holly and Matthew survive? Or will awkward cold feet have them running in opposite directions?

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Although this book was written so that it can stand alone, if you don’t know who Peen is, I recommend you reading, The Two-Night One-Night Stand, first.

**This book contains mature content. It is intended for adult readers.

The Two-Night One-Night Wedding (The Two-Night One-Night Series, #2)The Two-Night One-Night Wedding by Ryan Ringbloom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Two-Night One-Night Wedding, well not sure quite what I was expecting when I picked up this novel by Ryan Ringbloom, but I was very pleasantly suprised.
It’s actually been a while since I’ve read just for chuckles and also that a story has actually made me laugh out loud, so much so my other half has come in from the kitchen to check if I’m alright (it was that glitter scene that set that little giggle-fest off man so funny.)
Well, I started reading this on my kindle in the morning, I read and read and read some more, kids and hubby had to fend for themselves, such a poor neglected family, having to make their own cocoa-pops.
Was I bothered NO!!!!
Because I had my nose stuck in this hilarious book and I was not stopping till I finished, which I believe was about 3 pm.
So after a massive read-fest, no breakfast, copious amounts of coffee kindly supplied by poor neglected other- half I finished.
You know what I found out?
This is a sequel!!! well, I can honestly tell you that made not a blind bit off difference to my enjoyment of The Two-Night One-Night Wedding, this can totally be read as a standalone.
|And I am definitely going to read the first book, but purely for enjoyment purposes as book two was such a hoot.
Quite ironic really, reading these books back to front, just like the wedding and honeymoon themselves.
So if you want to kick back and just have a chuckle, then this is the book for you, A real laugh out loud experience is just waiting for you between the pages of this book.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free readers copy of The Two-Night One-Night Wedding By Ryan Ringbloom.
It was enjoyed immensely by myself and this is my unbiased opinion of the book.

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