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The Tempest by Brit Constantine

Release Date-May 26th 2017
Genre-Contemporary Romance
Kindle Edition-272 pages

They call him “The Tempest.”
England’s most feared heavyweight-boxing champion.
He despises the fame and glory, but it’s nothing compared to the hate he inflicts on himself. All he wants is to be left alone to live on his boat in misery.

When I line up for his autograph, it’s instant fireworks. But not the beautiful stars-shine-bright kind. He’s rude. Heartless. A ticking time bomb of rage.
Luckily, I’m not afraid to put a lit match to his fuse.
I upload his private video to my one-million-subscribers channel. The video goes viral.
The ex-Royal Marine nearly breaks down my studio door to flag me inappropriate…

…while I’m in the middle of a live streaming event.

I don’t tell him. I don’t switch off the camera. I keep recording, secretly playing to my audience. He should have checked if the camera was rolling, right?

It should be a shipwreck from the moment the tempest hits.
It is.
And then … it isn’t.
Our attraction is painful, undeniable, and it’s like I am Eve and his lips are the apple, and damn if his tongue isn’t the snake.

I am the only girl who can put this broken man back together again.
But he knows the secret he is keeping will tear us apart. He knows it’ll force my hand to break ties with the only family I have left in this world.
But once The Tempest, the man with the iron heart, falls in love … he’ll crush anyone who dares to take me away from him.
I have no choice but to go down with his big ship.

Hook, line, and goddamned sinker.

The Tempest is a contemporary romance story of love, comedy and treachery.

No cheating. No OW/OM. Standalone. HEA. 18+

The TempestThe Tempest by Brit Constantine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟🌟1/2 Delicious Filthy Raw Stars.

 photo deadMan_zpsqpjgi2tq.jpg

Oh My, What a delicious ride this was.
filled with smutty innuendo, raw filth and sweet romance
Who says romance and filth can’t mix.
Why I’m fanning myself here, as I’m likely to burn up from the sheer, dirty, hot, heat factor that The Tempest produced.
Calm down girl, get that pulse under control.
Well, what can I say The tempest completely knocked me for six, so did not see that coming.
here I was expecting a cutesy girl meets macho boxer GRRR!
neanderthal Fighter drags cutesy girl (by the hair of course) to his man cave to have his wicked way.

 photo Whatever-006-CavemanCourtship_width_640x_zpsu2fhhnw8.jpg

and what I got here was so much more, totally loved this book so much.
So the story is about The Tempest/Lenic Reevus, a heavyweight boxing champion and Felicity St James. a successful vlogger on Youcube along with her best friend Delphine.
The Tempest showed the development of Flick and Lenic’s relationship and the hilarious ride along the way.
What made this for me was the totally unexpected pure emotional angle to this story and the balance between the sentimental and the pure raw animal lust was so spot on.
Got to love a bit of English humour and sarcastic innuendo and Brit Constantine certainly delivered this fantastically well.
So I’m going to keep this short and sweet for you if you want to spontaneously combust on the spot then pick this story up and I guarantee you you’re going to need a big hose to cool you down after.
Myself I’m still in recovery, and I would gladly experience it all over again.

 photo th 5_zpsgu7furaq.jpg

Oh and I also absolutely loved the epilogues in this, so great to catch up years later and say hello to Felicity and Lenic again.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free readers copy of The Tempest By Brit Constantine This is my own personal opinion.

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