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The Silver Thread (Annika Brisby #2) by Emigh Cannaday

Release Date-November 3rd 2012
Publisher-Silver Poplar Press
Genre-Fantasy Romance
Kindle Edition- 418 pages

“You know, my parents didn’t give me much advice about relationships, but my mother told me that we should never go to bed upset with one another.” Talvi reached an arm out to invite Annika to curl up against his chest.

“Aww, that’s a sweet thing to say,” she said as she cosied up in the crook of his arm. “What did your dad tell you?”

“He said to make sure the sofa was comfortable, just in case.”

Talvi Marinossian has slain maenads and fought off vampire attacks, but nothing has prepared him for getting involved with one of these forbidden ‘Modern Girls’. When he finally tracks down Annika it’s obvious that she’s changed since her recent adventure in his homeland. It’s also clear that she’s not ready to embrace the next chapter in her life. He tries to persuade her to open up to him, but she finds it difficult since he won’t even explain how he earns a living, why he has a secret cell phone or the reason he keeps another woman’s handkerchief in his pocket.

Instead of relying on Talvi to help her adjust, Annika delves into her music and her job, and it isn’t long before the new lovers find themselves completely out of sync with one another. Just when they start to find their rhythm, Talvi is called away on business and whisks Annika off to Paris for what is supposed to be a working vacation. But one bad decision leads to another, and the chaos that ensues may cost someone their life.

The Silver Thread (Annika Brisby, #2)The Silver Thread by Emigh Cannaday

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The silver Thread is a tricky one for me, I so adored the first book in this series, but this one I had a bit of trouble digesting and at times it left me with a very sour taste.
This story picks up where the first story ended with Annika transported through the portal and deposited back in her own world with Talvi in hot pursuit.
The silver thread mostly takes place in the modern world, with a few side excursions into Talvi’s magical lands & also to Paris, which I will get to later.
Right, so I’m gonna describe the issues I had with this story.
This may be just me as what’s one persons brass is another’s gold so what drives me doolally
might actually be your cup of tea.
My first issue is that bloody bath Talvi had with Runa, I don’t care how close you are you can be BFF’s forever,
Serious no no. Talvi needs to learn some boundaries that is so not cool I would be livid with my other half if this occurred, this is so a dumping offence.
Issue number two, After being practically an alcoholic, agoraphobic mess Talvi has only been with Annika twenty-four hours and she is knocking him and wingeing. Geez girl you were practically expiring without your beloved hubby and now your being a complete cow what gives.
issue three for me is Talvi’s close relationship with Patti-cake, he was nicer to her than his own wife.No wonder Annika doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw, his constant flirting is just too much I understand its part of his charm and personality but have a little respect laddie.
Issue four Dumping your wife in a foreign country with your brother is so not on, maybe if you explained rather than just did it would make a difference.
I’m not even gonna get into Paris its a case of,
so with all this you would think I hated this book, I actually didn’t, It was well written and the writing flowed, it also kept my interest, I just found Talvi & Annika equally unlikable and like a pair of spoiled babies which detracted slightly from my enjoyment.
maybe me being an oldie at forty-three and with my partner for twenty years has made me a shade set in my ways of what I expect a relationship to entail but Talvi & Annika need a bloody intervention and they have only been together literally five minutes.
Now the final part of this book we get somewhere and both of our spoiled kiddies redeem themselves in finally opening up to each other.
YAY!!! give the kids a gold star he he.
So in conclusion, The Silver Thread even with the above issues that bothered me was an enjoyable read for me. It flowed fluently and was expertly written, perhaps I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first in this series but it had its own merits.I will be reading book three and I’m hoping Annika & Talvi have grown up a little especially Annika as there were times I wanted to scream at her for being such a pig. fingers crossed for that.
I’ve rated this three stars but it’s more a three & half for me.
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