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Once Upon A (The Stained Duet #1) by Charlotte E. Hart

Release Date-June 19th 2017
Genre-Dark BDSM Romance.
Kindle Edition-485 pages

Alana Williams is three published authors. She has been for years, but now she wants to add another voice to her whirlwind of deadlines and unachievable targets. Trouble is, she knows nothing of her latest literary undertaking – KINK.


It began as research. Just research. The technical approach. One that delivers the content necessary for a hidden culture to seem plausible, even if it’s not. Readers expect perfection from me. They want the experience. To be taken on a journey. That’s my job as a writer – to make them believe.
Blaine Jacobs is his name. He’s my research. A man who seems as logical and focused as me. A man who agrees to help. A man who, regardless of his stature in the community, seems to offer a sense of realism to this strange section of society. And even if he does occasionally interrupt my data with dark brooding eyes and a questionably filthy mouth, what does it matter? It’s just research, isn’t it? It’s not real. None of this is. Nothing will come of it or change my mind.

So why am I confused?
I’m becoming lost.
Falling apart.

And Blaine Jacobs, no matter how calm he might have seemed at first, now appears to linger on the outskirts of sanity, pushing my boundaries with every whispered word.

Note from the author:
This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+
It’s BDSM based and violent on occasion.
Dark read.

Once Upon A (The Stained Duet #1)Once Upon A by Charlotte E. Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Arc Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm


Bloody Hell, What an experience that was, I have absolutely no idea where to start with this review, I have so much white noise running through my head at the mo, this page-turning addictive read has short-wired my ability to well, frankly articulate, I’m like a goldfish gasping unable to convey much at all.


All my concepts and thoughts are ping ponging around my brain as I try to analyse and dissect what I have just indulged in.
So I’m going to try to compartmentalise all my concepts and thoughts internally so I can analyse everything that is “Once Upon A”.
I want to remember all my first impressions without forgetting anything as this is such a unique read with so many indefinite angles to the characters involved.
So First Things First, A Warning!!!
This a very dark read, dealing with some very disturbing stuff, if this is not your flavour, well you have been cautioned.
Myself, I happen to like fiction that stretches my boundaries, forcing me to contemplate instances outside my comfort zone, forcing that discomfited almost uneasy feeling.
This definitely Delivered in spades and them some.
So brief synopsis, Alana Williams is an author living with various pen-names One of these names she has decided is going to write the next BDSM/Kink bestseller all she needs is some research into the scene.
Enter Blaine Jacobs, Blaine of the humiliating set-downs and filthy mouth, All round degenerate of the highest order he doesn’t play, annihilating his opponent is his kink.
So Alana is going to learn in a big way what it means to be Blaine’s obsession and he is going to enjoy every Humiliation and lesson he bestows while making his little brat thank him prettily.
All in the name of research of course.
This Tale is probably gonna be marmite for people, me I abhor the rank stuff, I’m more of a peanut butter sort of gal, this story is so my peanut butter and I was nuts for the whole nine yards.
This book is so much more than the sum of its parts, I really think what this tale ultimately imparted to me, the main lesson I found myself taking away from this was acceptance.

He was right. It’s full of honesty and trust, more so perhaps than the normal pronouncement of love. To give yourself to someone who wants to cause pain, needs to even, to offer them that with no recriminations and bathe in the glory of their honesty, too? That’s a love unencumbered by restriction or temptation.

So That’s all from me guys and gals, So Sorry for the vagueness but this is really something you need to go into blind and just behold.
Once Upon A (The Stained Duet #1) By Charlotte E Hart is so well written and such a fascinating read, managing to portray the decadence of such a lifestyle, while still managing to connect with the reader’s heart, this is a rare talent that many authors fail to achieve, not so Miss Hart all her arrows shoot true and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every word, I will be waiting with baited breath for take two of Blaine and Alana.
Thank you to the author for providing me with an advanced readers copy, this is my own personal opinion.


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