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Mine, Forever (Deadly Women #1) by Kate Bonham

Release Date-December 19th 2016
Publisher-Amazon Digital Services
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition-204 pages


She’s mine.
Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I knew there was something about her but I had to be sure.
I had to know she was like me.
Now, after what I’ve put her through, I own her.
But they keep trying to pull her away from me.
They keep trying to destroy my world forcing me to unleash hell on earth to keep her in my arms.


I’m broken, alone and hated by my own family.
When Jett Black walks into my life, I know I’m not safe.
Not safe from him, not safe from anyone and yet I can’t get enough of him.
He’s my savior in every way, shape and form.
Finally, after years I felt as if I was on the right path until forces try to tear us apart – forces which are trying to kill me.

But I won’t give him up – he’s mine…forever.

Mine, Forever (Deadly Women, #1)Mine, Forever by Kate Bonham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where do I start with this book?
Mine Forever (Deadly women #1) was my first sampling
of Kate Bonham’s work and OMG, this is so not going to be my last.
I am now definitely a fan of this wonderfully unique authors work.
Can I just say Kates work is very graphic and may be found somewhat shocking to some, this is a romance but of a very dark perverse variety and if you are easily shocked or offended and like a more conventual approach well you have been warned.
Saying that I love dark disturbing love stories featuring an anti-hero that stays bad and is true to his nature so I was rubbing my hands together in glee.
Jett Black is one of the most sociopathic anti-heroes I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
His actions were so wrong and beyond the boundaries of what is acceptable even I struggled with his actions and that’s what made this book so good.
Jett was practically the devil incarnate and the things he took pleasure in were just not sane.
The way he tried to mold Ebony into the female version of brokenness that he was were just not the actions of a lover but a torturer.
There was nothing romantic about ebony and Jetts togetherness but boy it was good in a twisted psychotic enthralling train- crash sort of way.
Ebony after leaving the lovely establishment of Serenity was enthralling in her personality overhaul to watch, she is now the queen to Jetts King and its a toss up who’s the worst offender when it comes to the bloodshed.
this is sort of a Stockholm syndrome type of relationship but with blurring boundaries.

I really did enjoy reading this I have a soft spot for these type of stories don’t ask me why I just do. Mine forever really hit the spot for me.
and even with the murder mayhem and toxic undertone of this so, not right love story, I wanted Jett and Ebony to get there HEA

have you ever read something that’s so wrong it’s just right, well this story is it for me. fiction is meant to take us out of our comfort zone, make us think and disturb us throw in some hot sex and for me, it’s a winner.

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