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La La Land (The Last City #2) by Logan Keys

Release Date-February 1st 2017
Publisher-Le Chat Publishing
Genre-YA Dystopian
Kindle Edition-344 pages

A rebel who’s been revived to save the world. A soldier with a monster locked inside.

Liza and Tommy return to a destroyed America, continuing their fight for freedom, only this time, their search for allies will end with the same madmen and women who’ve engineered new monsters in an attempt to create the perfect soldier.

Faster. Smarter. Hungrier.

These rejects from the special program have replaced the undead at the top of the food chain.

Bloodsuckers roam the wilds, while brutal youths trap unsuspecting travellers.

No place is safe.

If Tommy and Liza can’t stop the warmongering council that rules the new fortress, they might not get a chance at freedom again.

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Following the best-selling novel The Last City (Gods of Anthem), La La Land is a must-read for fans of dystopian zombie books, and young adult fiction. Those who enjoyed The Walking Dead, Divergent, or Hunger Games, will love this sequel that delivers an epic tale of survival until the heart-stopping finale.

Book Order:
The Last City
La La Land
Lies and Legends (coming summer 2017)


La La Land (The Last City, #2)La La Land by Logan Keys

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

La La Land, Just had to say that as I’m so digging this book title, says it all, in my opinion, a bat shit crazy, cuckoo world, La La Land. Rubbing my hands together in glee. This is gonna be soooo good.
This Book Picks up where The Last City Ends and we have Tommy rescuing Liza, who is still in a coma from the facility on the island.
This starts an arduous journey to safety For Tommy and Liza, who I forgot to mention has woken up. crucial point sorry, didn’t mean to give the impression that Tommy the hulk was lugging an unconscious Liza cross country eye roll.
This time the story flits between three points of view, We have Tommy, Liza and a new individual Dallas who is living in a remote outpost, with a ton of baggage and also a severe vampire epidemic.
To cut a long story short Tommy and Liza’s road leads to La La Land.
There a ton of drama, misunderstandings and in true crazy cuckoo style some major shocking events. This book doesn’t pull any punches if I was shocked by The last City Well La La Land clean knocked me off my seat. I was so not expecting any of it. Don’t go into this thinking it’s going to be sweet and all HEA’S La La Land is so full of heinous distressing actions it makes you ponder on the nature of humanity.
Anyway, There was so much here I didn’t guess and this second volume was even better than the first if that’s possible. Any book that keeps my brain ticking over long after I’ve finished has got to be a winner. we all know those stories that speak to us on another level well La La Land for me is such a read. it’s so not forgettable in the sea of fiction I read each year. It stands out for all the right reasons, all I need now is book three, so can’t wait.
I received a free copy of this e-book and this is my honest unbiased opinion.

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