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Immersed (Configured trilogy #2) by Jenetta Penner

Release Date- July 18th, 2017
Genre-YA Dystopian
Kindle Edition- 317 pages

Just when she thought it was safe to step into the light.

After a daring escape from Elore, Avlyn finds that the Outerbounds isn’t the haven of freedom she’s hoped for. Deception and lies run rampant. Avlyn’s powerful Immersion ability marks her as dangerous, but highly valuable.

Will she find her place in this new world? Or have to die trying?

Immersed (Book 2 in the Configured Trilogy)Immersed by Jenetta Penner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟1/2 satisfying Stars

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So after Configured left us hanging on such an ending I was super excited to be offered an ARC of Immersed (Configured trilogy #2) and Jenetta Penner has done it again with this second instalment in this exciting YA saga, producing a world that’s so easy to get engrossed and lost in.

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Immersed starts off practically where we left off, the morning after being rescued.
So now in New Philly, A place the inhabitants of Elore have no idea of, Avlyn finds herself again a pawn in a battle, where both sides are not being entirely honest concerning there motives.
Not being able to tell her enemies from her friends Avlyn decides it’s time to strike away and regroup, taking along her friends and brother for the battle ahead.
So Immersed, what did I think, well I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t find it quite as captivating as the first book Configured.
I also had a few little nitpicks that pulled this down a bit for me hence the reason for dropping it half a star, (I gave Configured Four stars).
Still, this still was a really great addition to the dystopian genre and I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion to this fascinating trilogy.
So My issues with this I’m going to point them.

1) Avlyn was so worried about her friend Aron and leaving him behind in new Philly. What about her dad.she only gives fleeting thought to the man who raised her and his safety.
2)Despite expressing her feelings for Meyer, Avlyn starts sniffing around Aron talk about fickle.
3) Why did I find Avlyn so annoying this time round? because I did.
4) Not much occurs in this instalment bar training and tests, Yes there is some fighting to break it up but I would also have liked to see some more advancement in the romantic department.
5)Meyer kiss her already, show some initiative before Aron swoops in and steals your girl.

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Now the above are all personal reasons for me so discounting my gripes,
(It’s not the author’s fault I’m finding Avyln a trifle irritating and Meyer not more forthcoming in his affections or is it? Grrrr)
So where was I, Oh Yes, this was a well thought out story with terrific, if a little scary, world building.
It was a very easy well-written clean read that I would definitely recommend to my fellow dystopian lovers.
I also should mention that this is a YA Novel, don’t let that bother you, this is easily enjoyable for all ages, I’m much older and didn’t have a problem at all.
Thank you to the Publisher and Author for providing me with an arc of Immersed (Configured trilogy #2) this is my own honest and unbiased opinion.


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