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Ford (The Dudnik Circle #1) by Esther E. Schmidt

Release Date-August 15th 2016
Genre-Dark Mafia Romance
Kindle Edition-155 pages

Didn’t you get the hint yet? I’m not a nice guy. I’m the man you need to fear. Hell, I sell fear. We call it protection, but in the end? Fear is what they want in return for their payment. I’m Grigory ‘Ford’ Dudnik, head of The Dudnik Circle. The Russian Mob, in case you need a label. We take care of threats, gangs, enemy or distasteful situations our clients may find themselves in. We have an obligation to do what’s wrong on a regular basis but even within the fine lines of murder and just plain old handling shit, we’ve got honor.

If that’s not enough…I’ve managed to tangle myself up with the head of another gang. Tarzan. Type of person? Hanged a man at a construction site, climbed the rope and stomped on the guy’s neck while swinging on the rope. Seems like Tarzan wanted to kill him twice.

My past and future seem to collide as we are contracted to handle a gang connected with snuff films. Loose ends are now left dangling; I either need to grab hold of the ropes and string knots or cut ties. Or feel the burn of the rope around my throat, leaving no room for revenge.

*** This steamy, dark, kinky, standalone romance is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

Ford (The Dudnik Circle #1)Ford by Esther E. Schmidt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟 1/2 STARS

May Contain Spoilers


So I’ve decided This Is My Justice,That Tattoo is So Hot
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Ford By Esther Schmidt was an intriguing read, I did enjoy this, but I also had some major issues with certain plotlines, This detracted a bit from my overall experience but taking everything into consideration, there still was more good than bad, so this kept me reading .
So first things first, a brief account of events going on here.
We have Ford who by his own admission is not a nice guy, Grigory ‘Ford’ Dudnik, head of The Dudnik Circle. The Russian Mob.
Ford manages to get tangled up with the head of another gang, Tarzan so-called because she hanged a guy then climbed up stomping on the guys head while swinging on the rope, PSYCHO MUCH LOVE!!!
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So in good old romantic mobster fashion, Ole Ford is struck all googly-eyed when he accidentally abducts Tarzan aka Justice and absconds with her to his evil lair, while she’s still knocked out


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So If you’re wondering how you can accidentally abduct someone,
well, gather round and listen carefully, it’s so a mishap if you don’t know who you’ve actually kidnapped, Yes, if this was just Jenny from the Block, that would be A-Ok, So long as it isn’t someone important.
Ya got that!
When Justice awakes tied down and blindfolded shes ready for some playtime because this so isn’t a scream your head off moment Girly is it !!!

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Shaking head in disbelief here.
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So our two psychopaths connect a meeting of minds and bodies, merging like The king and queen of their crime empire and taking on together, a rival gang who are heavily invested in snuff movies.

So here’s my main gripe and it may seem a stupid one, and I know you shouldn’t look a gift horse and all that But Ford & Justice are Virgins, I do find this a highly unlikely scenario, but let’s put that aside for a moment as that isn’t my main bitch, My major shock stems from the fact that they are both instant sex Gods, no fumbling for them like us lesser mortals lol they dive right in and there instantly experts in all things carnal and sexy.
Also what is the crack with them both kidnapping and doing away with their little playthings if there not actually going to well play properly with them, what’s the point.
the sex scenes themselves were steaming, there was absolutely nothing wrong with them at all, they were hot and panty wetting everything you could want BUT!!! and I’ll say it again, they were both bloody virgins, not porn stars!!
Also, call me soft but the killing of innocent woman SO A BIG TURN OFF!!!
even if it was only second-hand information I found it really difficult to get past this.
I also struggled understanding how ford could have such an issue with the snuff when he has essentially done the same thing, maybe not during and for kicks but after he had finished playing with the woman he used.
you would think with what happened to his sister, this would be abhorrent to him.
this also negated his reason for abstaining in my opinion.
so let me get this right it’s ok to take what isn’t offered and then get rid of the problem if It protests too much. but let’s not shag them because I’m so damaged from a past trauma and it wouldn’t be nice.

 photo th 4.jpg

Mmm Makes sense NOT!!!

So Rant over for me, PHEW!!! glad I’ve got that off my chest peeps.
Anyway, All that aside, This was an easy read that sucked you in, I think my favourite scene was in that darn aforementioned basement again when Justice got to play observed by a gleefully sadistic Ford.
Some Go for Roses, This couple Rope & Torture, To Cute!
I suppose you could say Justice & Ford were a match made in Hell, Who needs heaven with these two badasses lol.
So I really wouldn’t class this as a dark read more an unconventional romance with elements of grey, Ford was too googly eyes and sweet to Justice to be considered dark.
Maybe he was an evil bastard to all and sundry but I’m quite sure Justice got a free pass for life.

 photo th 5.jpg

So all that remains is for me to say Thank you to the author Esther E. Schmidt for providing me with a free readers copy of Ford (The Dudnik Circle #1) will be interesting to see where this series goes next. This is my own honest personal opinion.

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