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Feeling White (The White Trilogy #2) by Charlotte E. Hart

Release Date-May 1st 2015
Genre-Dark Romance
Kindle Edition-577 pages

Lies, deceit and manipulation.
A game Alexander White knows only too well, but never has he been on the receiving end with such devastating results. Thankfully he knows it all now because she’s shown her true colours and he won’t be fooled by them again. No matter how perfect she may have been, or how close to love he may have come, Elizabeth Scott and her treachery are now nothing more than yet another move in the chessboard of life.
His business, as always, is more important than his worthless emotions and the storm brewing needs attending to. So after he’s pushed her out of his system, after he’s found his way back to the dull uninteresting type of emotion he’s used to he’ll deal with it.
In the only way he knows how.

Beth Scotts life is upside down. She was a mess. She still is a mess.
But now she’s just starting to get irritated about her mess.
How could he do this to her? And how could she have let him?
Alexander White has a lot to answer for but she won’t be one of those stupid girls any longer. She has a two week rule and it’s about time to get on with it. She just needs a distraction, someone or something to remove the pain and help her find a way forward without him.
If his twisted game has taught her one thing it’s to hold her head up and ask for what she wants.
So if she can just keep those thoughts running through her head, and embrace what she now needs, she should be fine shouldn’t she?
She should be able to deal with everything.
She still has no idea what the hell she’s doing.


Feeling White (The White Trilogy, #2)Feeling White by Charlotte E. Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Shining Stars

 photo 18451325_419360768451020_7899075200644165304_o.jpg

Wow!, Miss Hart has done it again, what an emotional rollercoaster Feeling White was.
Man, every emotion I’m capable of I think I experienced while reading this story.
I definitely have emotional whiplash from Alex’s multiple personalities.

 photo 051a7d04c680de9054389607b0b1e21d601e3b-retina-thumbnail-large_zps4eea83cr.jpg

I’m feeling so empathetic towards Beth and her ability to deal with whatever shit-storm Alex throws in her direction.
My appreciation for her patience and fortitude has reached epic heights as Feeling White throws curveballs and shocking twists her way.
I really don’t want to spoil this for anyone, so won’t be sharing any major spoilers, the best way to describe this journey that I can impart to you is that Feeling White really does delve into our two lovers souls, slowly uncovering their true selves, sometimes in a heartbreaking fashion.
We really get to see beneath the mask, especially in regards to Alex and his tragic and violent past.
Beth is about to experience Alex and what he is capable off on a whole new level.
Luckily she has grown so much stronger mentally and she will need all this new found toughness to deal with the massive pile of baggage that accompanies him.
In this instalment, I really felt able to connect to our characters on such a deep level.
I took so many highlights I lost count and then OMG!!! that ending was so not expecting that!!!
WTFH happened here ALEX!!! you are such a DICK!!!

 photo il_570xN.758135902_kofo_zpslvbjqyei.jpg

I have no idea why I still adore you, but I do, can’t help it sigh.
Your methods of education leave a lot to be desired, haven’t you heard of just talking it out Mr White? Geez.
good job I love you, regardless of your head games.
I also noted that Bella, Beth’s sister was a lot less irritating in this, softer in herself, I think it’s Conner we have to thank for that transformation.
So thank-you Mr Blue.
So Buckle up and enjoy all that is Feeling White, I know I did, This was my third book by Charlotte Hart and she always leaves me wanting more.

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